The Verdier/Scholes Mansion (1001 Vallejo)

The price tag on the Verdier/Scholes Mansion at 1001 Vallejo Street has just been reduced $2,000,000 (14.3%). And while it’s still just a bit out of our reach at $12 million, we love it (and the views) nonetheless.

Add Your Name To This Mansion [SocketSite]
A Much Bigger 12% [SocketSite]

6 thoughts on “12% Is So Last Month”
  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Slow real estate news day in SF???
    [Editor’s Note: Tough crowd. And apparently you missed the pieces on the Odeon preview, 368 Elm Street update, odds of converting TICs, and new $500,000 three bedrooms on 3rd Street…]

  2. Purchased in 1998 for 6.5M, Zillow says it’s worth 7.3M and falling fast. I’m holding out for that as the list price. I really like that Socket Site is posting these kinds of articles. It really keeps the site interesting.

  3. Nah, I didn’t miss them. They were good pieces. It’s just that when I find a theme, I like to beat it like a cheap drum until something better comes along. Don’t take it personally. If I didn’t like “plugging in” in the first place, I wouldn’t be back so often.

  4. Gotta love the Friday afternoon real estate porn. I love the outdoor terrace in the back and the secret garden. The house is stunning, but the decorator should be fired (or hired if there wasn’t one in the first place). Everything is kind of bland and the forest green study is too much. In a house with this selling price, it should be magnificently decorated too. Think Arch Digest quality.

  5. Arch Digest homes are actually not that well decorated, but they are beautifully photographed. A good photographer can make anything look fabulous. And even though that might cost several thousand dollars it’s way less than the cost of redecorating.
    Looks like the listing agent took these shots him/herself. And please explain the shot of the birds in the tree.

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