355 Bryant #202
According to the listing, 355 Bryant #202 will be “for sale THIS WEEKEND ONLY. Sunday August 13th 12 – 2:00 pm” as “Seller’s unexpectedly found their dream home but opportunity will pass after Wed.” We haven’t been able to verify the story (so proceed with caution), but out of our love for the building (and our readers), we had to pass it along.
∙ Listing: 355 Bryant #202 (1/1) – $788,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by former_soma_resident

    “Photos were taken on the fly and do not fully convey the true space or feel of this home.”
    Unfortunately, they do convey that the “hardwood floor” is laminate. Maybe the columns are too?

  2. Posted by SFSal

    Those really don’t look like laminate floors to me. (Will assume you’re just being facetious about the columns…)

  3. Posted by deshard

    I agree about the laminate floors…it’s in the “grooves”…don’t look right. What a ploy…so, what happens after Wed. and it DOESN’T (as it won’t) sell? Do the owners pull out of their “dream home” contract? This agent must think the general buying public are absolutely STUPID.

  4. Posted by Mo

    I love the view of the brick wall, no wonder the designer put in such large windows. Laminate or not it still looks like a madeover warehouse.

  5. Posted by Mike

    Perhaps that’s because 355 Bryant is a “madeover” warehouse. It’s one of the few true live/work loft buildings in SF.

  6. Posted by Sexy & Sassy in SF

    I don’t care what anybody says; Pergo is NOT hardwood floors. But just this once, if I can’t say anything nice, I’m not going to say anything at all …

  7. Posted by lord_truth

    looks like a piece of junk. wouldn’t pay more than $550k for it. I especially like the fake “dirt” they painted on the beams to make it look “authentic and hip” -kinf of like buying a pair of jeans with the holes already put in.

  8. Posted by SaveYourMoney

    So any guesses if they managed to sell it “this weekend”? Somehow I doubt it.

  9. Posted by patrick

    for those who are unaware, 355 bryant lofts are always in huge demand. only the clocktower and the oriental warehouse go faster. i bid $200K over asking on a (bigger) unit in 355 bryant and still didn’t get it.
    this town is stuffed full of “mclofts” built from the ground up. unfortunately, people have come to accept that a new construction is a loft. nope. a conversion is a loft. all of that crap in south beach? apartments with high ceilings.
    … and suggesting that the beams were artificially “weathered” is just plain dumb. they’re sandblasted, you tool.

  10. Posted by SaveYourMoney

    Congrats. Bidding 200k over asking is brilliant.

  11. Posted by patrick

    SaveYourMoney –
    Your ignorance is much appreciated. You might note that I didn’t include the unit price. Bidding $200K over asking on a $599K listing might be unwise. At another price level, it might be 10%.
    [Removed by Editor]

  12. Posted by deshard

    Patrick— the market has shifted somewhat towards the buyer. NOTHING is in hot demand right now and Meredith Martin, the listing agent on this unit, is simply trying to perpetuate some excitement on a unit that sorely needs it (just look at that black refrigerator and the cheap kitchen cabinets– in demand? Ha. That’s pretty funny.)As well, she’s not above cooking up a schemey-sounding story to generate some buzz. I can’t but think it’s likely going to backfire. It is what it is and those of us in the market are having fun pointing it out.

  13. Posted by Damion

    There have been four sales at 355 Bryant this year. The quickest sale was just 6 days on the market, the longest was 42. Average for all — 27 days. Sounds like no one is having a hard time selling there, and with good reason. As South Beach becomes increasingly crowded by CCC’s, a large conversion loft like this really stands out as a unique, desirable property. You get more space for the same price as a cookie cutter at the Beacon.
    You’re dwelling on the cabinets and the floors, which can be easily replaced, but ignoring the fact that you get two levels of living space, over 1,300 square feet, and a low HOA fee ($382 per month). I mean, are you just buying cabinets or are you buying a place to live?

  14. Posted by Damion

    And btw, I agree with you that the cabinets and floor ARE truly ugly.

  15. Posted by SocketSite

    deshard – we’ll be the first to call an agent to task for scheming, obfuscating, or deceiving (to which any long-time reader can attest); and in this case, we honestly believe you’re off base. It’s not at all unusual to have a sale contingent on the purchase of another property (or vice versa).
    Our general caution has to do with the fact that it’s painful to invest the time, energy, and emotion pursuing a property only to loose out when the seller can’t close their other transaction (upon which their sale to you is contingent).
    In terms of the price/value on this unit, or the finish, that’s something completely different…

  16. Posted by deshard

    Thanks for setting me straight.

  17. Posted by Patrick

    deshard –
    I didn’t make this offer last week — it was a long time ago, and based on a below-market ‘marketing price’ that piqued many buyers’ interest.
    but you’re taking a huge leap in accusing a seller or an agent of something wrong. getting into 355 bryant at $600 per square foot might be a good deal even if the refrigerator is jeffrey dahmer’s and the floors are made of asbestos.

  18. Posted by deshard

    Can’t comment, I’ve got a mouthful of Pergo.

  19. Posted by Jason

    Okay, so now it’s getting on Thanksgiving. Did number 202 sell ‘over the weekend’ or no? Since no one commented, I am assuming the sellers passed up their so-called dream house and are enjoying their pergo pup tent.

  20. Posted by Kliburg

    i live in the building. cabinets are 1990’s so we took them down and set up a much nicer and not a big deal. the floors in my unit ( and i believe all units) are oak and not laminate.
    the beams are sandblasted and some of the white paint from warehouse days gone by have stayed on the wood.
    there is no, problem selling these lofts, not even in these slower real estate times. the large window is there because this is an interior unit and needed these large windows to let in lots of light, and it overlookes a courtyard.
    stop slamming the unit if you have no idea of what you speak.
    love ya!

  21. Posted by tipster

    Wow, this thread is a hoot.
    Looks like the sellers in 2006 got their price a year later (despite “this weekend only”) and now those buyers are trying to sell. First for $1K under their 2007 price and now for $21K under.

  22. Posted by sfrenegade

    Wonder if they were ever able to buy their dream house…

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