The eagle-eyed Damion Matthews notes that one of the mid-rise units in The Infinity has been added to the MLS (318 Spear Street #A 4A). The 760 sq.ft. one bedroom, one bath unit is listed at $750,000. Also noted, while the sales office might be lagging (only relatively, not absolutely), at least the construction crew at The Infinity seems to be leaving their competition over at One Rincon Hill in the dust.
UPDATE: We just noticed a tower unit in The Infinity (301 Main Street #6G) has been added to the MLS. The 1,316 sq.ft. two bedroom, two bath unit is listed for $1,220,000.
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by sore arm

    Can anyone tell me what the typical agent split in san francisco is for residential sales?

  2. Posted by John

    The Infinity is definitely going up faster than OneRincon. A couple weeks ago, they were at 7 stories, this weekend it looks like 10+ with some windows going up…
    Maybe they just have more workers? Or just a faster crew.

  3. Posted by Infincon Hill

    Does anyone know what the sales office at the Infinity has been telling prospective buyers generally about the completion date? Rincon Hill is sticking with spring to summer 2008.

  4. Posted by Anonymous

    sore arm: 50/50 split of 5-6%

  5. Posted by John

    I’ve been told Infinity will finish spring of 08…

  6. Posted by TypeA

    Builder is targeting late 2007 for A,B,C buildings, but the sales staff is stating early 2008 to plan for delays.

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