4381 26th
Okay, this is another case of only having seen the pictures. But based on what we’ve seen, we’ve got a serious crush on 4381 26th Street. Designed by Mark Brand, the three-level home effortlessly blends wood, stone, and windows to yield a clean, yet warm, modern design.
It’s open this Sunday from 1-4pm, and you can bet it’s on our list of stops. We’ll be the ones taking a shower in that view-tastic master suite…
Update: Apparently the folks at Curbed are on the same wavelength about this one (and we’re obviously a day or two behind on bloglines). A bit freaky, but no slight intended. Really.
Update Redux: We’ve done the walk-through and the pictures don’t do it justice.
∙ Listing: 4381 26th (4/3.5) – $2,479,000 [Vanguard] [MLS]
Mark Brand Architecture [markbrandarchitecture.com]
(Bath) Room With a View [Curbed]

6 thoughts on “The Wood, The Stone, The Windows…Oh My!”
  1. The person who paid $375k over asking for that house on Arguello is a FOOL. NO COMPARISON between the two…none. Forget the fact that one is traditional and the other contemporary. The Arguello house looks like it still needs $250k in work. Ick.

  2. I would much rather pay $375K over asking for 4381 26th Street than the joke on Arguello. The kitchen and bathroom in the Arguello house need to be completely updated/redone, and whoever paid that much for it is a complete idiot.

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