338 Holladay
We like modern, but we’re really not so hip on this one. And apparently we’re not alone. 338 Holladay was originally listed at the beginning of last month for $1,279,000. Two weeks later the price was dropped $84,000 and the statement revised to note, “Motivated Seller! Bring Any & All Offers.” Apparently none were brought, becuase today the price was dropped another $146,000 (the listing notes: “MUST BE SOLD! Seller has purchased”).
∙ Listing: 338 Holladay (3/3) – $1,049,000 [Zephyr] [MLS]

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  1. Posted by Anonymous

    Interesting. It’s a mish-mosh of styles. The exterior has clean straight lines and the interior (especially the bathrooms) is much more traditional. And the kitchen is cramped. I think it’s got an identity crisis.

  2. Posted by Damion

    If the shingle stuff was gray and the tree was a thousand miles away it could work. But what I wonder is how often do the sellers know when agents are writing comments on the MLS like “Please make a really low offer now!! Desperate seller!! Pretty pretty please?” I mean come on!

  3. Posted by Dan

    The listing states that this is a “brand new” house. So it does not appear that the house’s sellers are current residents who are eager to move into their new house.
    This house is slow to sell, most likely, because it is right on the freeway. Not the most bucolic setting in Bernal Heights.

  4. Posted by Beth

    location, location! you can see the freeway from the bedroom deck in the MLS snaps. but i think the palm tree is fabby!

  5. Posted by Kristian

    Did you see the crammed in piece of s–t kitchen. Ickers… I’m going to hurl.

  6. Posted by Lori

    Good catch on the freeway. I didn’t notice until I looked again — the crafty photographer took the pic when there were no cars speeding by.

  7. Posted by pwb

    Wow, what horrible design, inside and out!! What were they trying to do? The kithcen is obviously pathetic. The stairway looks awful. The kitchen and bathroom cabinets are lousy. And don’t get me started on the marble and granite. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

  8. Posted by pwb

    And what’s up with the cactus in the driveway and the 8 different styles in the facade?

  9. Posted by Dan

    The owner of this house writes, in today’s Chron:
    A ‘green’ house nobody wants
    Editor — After reading Susan Leal’s article, and the letters from T.K. Alkinson and Sarah McGraw, I couldn’t but come up with a bitter laugh (Open Forum, “San Francisco’s clean energy revolution is here,” Aug. 14; Letters, ” ‘Green’ ideas come to life,” Aug. 15)!
    A year ago, thinking how forward-thinking and “green” San Francisco is, I decided to contribute to that greening. I built a brand new house in the city. One not only with a complete solar-power system for the house, but also with a solar water-heating system. I installed bamboo floors — a renewable resource, and two incredible fireplaces that you’d swear are real, but they’re holograms that emit no pollutants into the air. There is zone heating throughout the house to reduce energy usage even further.
    In the two months the house has been up and running — with a large refrigerator, wine cooler, lights, etc., the total PG&E bills have been $4.58 and $4.29. That’s for a 2,100 square-foot, three-bedroom house! Even the building inspectors said it was a fantastic house.
    I now have to sell the house. When I check with my agent James Holloway at Zephyr Real Estate, I was told no one so much as asked about these “green” features. Not one of the people who visited during the open houses gave a damn about what a positive home this is to our local environment. So it sits on the market week after week.
    Say all you want about how forward- thinking San Franciscans are, but when given the opportunity to be a part of what we need to do to stop our dependence on foreign oil, and reduce our consumption of the Earth’s resources, they couldn’t care less.
    So write all you want about how great the greening effort is, but just who is fooling whom?
    San Francisco

  10. Posted by Dan

    It’s interesting that the agent hasn’t played up the “green” factor more in this home’s marketing.

  11. Posted by adam

    The listing agent has no reference whatsoever to the houses “green” qualities in the MLS. What a horrible job of marketing.

  12. Posted by Derrell

    There is mention of the “green” factor in the downloadable .pdf but I think the real problem is just that the layout is really unpealling and the freeway’s a non-starter in my book. Who in the hell would pay $1M+ to live right next to the 101?

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