Empty Coit Tower Lot (Image Source: Live Local)

A recent SocketSite reader inquiry:

I recently with some friends visiting from out of town climbed up Telegraph Hill to Coit tower. On the way up, we noticed an empty lot (possibly a small cottage at the back of it) for sale. I haven’t been able to find any information on it…I was wondering if you had any dirt about it?

Preliminary reports are that it might be a Sotheby’s listing and we’ve just got one of those feelings that there’s a great story (drama) behind the property. So if you’ve got the full scoop, we’d love to hear it. And if you don’t, perhaps you’d consider forwarding this to a friend or two that might. We’d do the same for you.

Update: The readers come through in record time with the details (it’s 115 Telegraph Hill Boulevard), and now we’re just looking for the “dirt” (i.e., any great stories/background).

6 thoughts on “Name That Lot (Coit Tower Edition)”
  1. This lot is one of the most interesting undeveloped lots in San Francisco. With 360 degree views from the Golden Gate Bridge, to Coit Tower to the Financial District, Nob Hill & Russian Hill, it is breathtaking!!
    Also breathtaking is the opportunity to build on this lot, as the present owners would tell you. Also ask the Telegraph Hill Dwellers, who live in the neighborhood. Perhaps too much opportunity!!
    Call Louis for the details. He’s the man.

  2. Here is some dirt.
    Since 1996, (10 years) there have been 519 sales of homes, condominiums and 2 to 4 units on Telegraph Hill, according to the San Francisco Association of Realtors.
    Zip Realty has participated in 3 of those sales .57%

  3. That’s dirt? I bet from 1950-1999 Zip Realty participated in zero transactions on Telegraph Hill. Maybe because they didn’t come into existence until August of 1999. Yes, we get Zip isn’t a large player but you gotta start somewhere.

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