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  1. Posted by David Troup

    Well perhaps I’ve been asleep… but what is “BRT?” Neither your item nor sfcityscape gives any clue. I know that LRT is light rail transit, and this sounds like it’s transit related… but how is anyone supposed to know what they are showing up to support? Hmmm, BRT… Bad Rail Transit? We are talking about MUNI, right? 😉
    I’m not sure how useful it is to their cause to have a large gathering of people who only showed up for a free drink. Or maybe the whole world knows what “BRT” means and I missed it somehow…

  2. Posted by SocketSite

    Apparently that would be Bus Rapid Transit: “Busways will be built in the medians of Geary Boulevard and Van Ness and Potrero avenues, and steps will be taken to let other buses and streetcars cut past stalled traffic.” (Don’t feel bad, we had no idea either.) Background/overview at:
    And yes, a bit off-topic, but we’re big fans of SF Cityscape so we thought we’d “Spread the Word.” Probably not worth anyone’s time just showing up for the drink. In fact we’d like to think SocketSite readers are the kind of people that would show up and offer to BUY that guy in the glasses a drink…

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