2151 Sacramento Street #2
Don’t get us wrong, we love this plaque (and the building). As to the plaque’s validity, however, Mister SF isn’t buying it:

A plaque on this 1881 house at 2151 Sacramento Street boasts that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once occupied the Lafayette Heights residence. Actually, Conan Doyle only visited for a few hours when this was the home of an associate, Dr. Abrams. Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, visited San Francisco once in his lifetime, in late May and early June of 1923. The author and his wife stayed at the Clift Hotel during Conan Doyle’s second and final lecture tour in the U.S. . . . One wonders what influence, if any, the exaggerated Sacramento Street plaque, which was placed by an owner of the house in the 1970s, has on the property’s value.

Sherlock would be proud. We’re not so sure about the owners (or the listing agent).
Literary San Francisco: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle [MisterSF]
∙ Listing: 2151 Sacramento #2 (1/1) – $645,000 [Zephyr] [MLS]

3 thoughts on “That’s Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle To You”
  1. “Lafeyette Heights” guys? You’re kidding me right SocketSite folks? There’s no such thing.
    You guys obviously don’t live in Prime District 7 Pac Heights, Cow Hollow, and The Marina area. Where are you guys from? Do you guys rent or own? I’m perplexed.
    Any property overlooking Lafayette Park in Pac Heights is SUPER PRIME.

  2. I found an Oscilloclast device that has a plaque on it with this address. Apparently a Dr. Albert Abrams was located there. An Oscilloclast is a shock treatment device that was supposed to treat “bovine syphilis”. That is a fake disorder. It’s essentially elecric shock for crazy people.

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