The Hayes Open House
It looks like The Mark Company might have concluded that the “signature cocktails” played a significant role in driving the condo buying frenzy at One Rincon Hill. This Saturday (7/22) The Hayes will be hosting a “Special Open House” complete with – you guessed it – signature cocktails!
And perhaps we’re reading into this a bit too much, but we can’t help but notice that our invitation reads “Sip a complimentary signature cocktail….” If that’s the case, perhaps the crowd (or building) won’t appear to be quite so attractive this time around.
Bonus points to the person(s) who can correctly guess the name and recipe for The Hayes signature cocktail prior to Saturday (feel free to email or simply comment).
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4 thoughts on “The Hayes “Special” Open House (And Signature Cocktail)”
  1. Your’e invited? What kind of contraction is that? If they can’t write in English, why am I to believe that they can develop a good condo project? Or is “your’e” some fancy French word I’ve never run across before? 🙂
    My pet peeve is people who don’t bother to proofread (or use their spell-checker, if necessary) before publishing stuff to the world. Makes them look sloppy and unconcerned with getting things right.

  2. God, what a glaring error. That typo is the first thing that I saw when I read the ad. I agree with David, if they can’t write and spell correctly I have serious doubts about their development.
    And forgive me but I believe iPod is wrong too.

  3. Damn it, stop making us laugh; we’ve got work to do over here. (And perhaps they’ve already started in on those cocktails…)
    That being said, keep in mind that the actual development is being led by Intracorp and Group Azure, while The Mark Company (the group responsible for that invitation) is responsible for the marketing, public relations, and sales. Ah, the irony…

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