Wall Street Journal Graphic: Appliances Get Massive
As “stainless-steel” has evolved from describing a kitchen outfitted with true commercial grade appliances to simply any kitchen with stainless-steel front panel appliances (a particular pet peeve of ours), high-end manufactures, and consumers, are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the riffraff. Welcome to the growing trend of supersized appliances.

The bigger-is-better trend is being driven in part by high-end manufacturers that are looking for a new way to distinguish themselves, especially since the commercial look — such as stainless-steel finishes and double-door refrigerators — has already trickled down into less-expensive brands. Gigantic refrigerators are riding the “Costco effect,” or people’s desire for more space to store the items they buy in bulk. Big appliances also tend to have “wow” factor that can help new-home sales, which is especially critical amid fears of a market slowdown.

We’re going to roll right past the irony of the “Costco effect” influencing “high-end” design, and stay focused on the trend of 60-inch ranges, six-foot-wide refrigerators, and ovens capable of cooking 144 cookies at a time. It’s something to keep it in mind as you tour all those “stainless-steel”, “gourmet”, and “chef’s” kitchens this weekend. (And what was that about a market slowdown?)
Refrigerator Heaven: Appliances Get Massive [RealEstateTimes]

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