One Rincon Hill video captures
Okay, so maybe we were less than impressed by the One Rincon Hill webcam, but their video left us dazed (and yet strangely giddy). Yes, based on the pictures and press (“the tallest residential property west of the Mississippi”) we knew these towers were going to be tall, but it wasn’t until we saw the rendering of the towers 23 seconds into the video that we really understood. Holy…
One Rincon Hill [425 First]

4 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert: One Rincon Hill Video”
  1. It appears that they’ve been enlarged for that video to enhance the effect. They seem quite bulky in the video, which is funny because they were touted for their slender sleek design.

  2. I think Joe and BM are correct…there is no way the scale can be correct…the Bay Bridge piers look tiny by comparison.

  3. Not so fast guys. The Bay Bridge tower is about a mile out so it will appear much smaller and, given the size of 1 Rincon vs. the surrounding “hi-rises”, they will appear monstrous. The fact is, they are HUGE.

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