Last April, Inman News columnist Dian Hymer wrote, “Should I buy in a hot real estate market?” This January, “Buyers gain power in today’s real estate negotiations”. In February, “Balanced market creates new approach to home selling”. And this morning? Welcome to “Cooling real estate market presents challenge for sellers”:

“The housing market has changed. There are fewer multiple offers. Negotiation is back in vogue. Listings, in general, are taking longer to sell. And some listings are not selling at all.
What are your options if your home is less desirable in the current marketplace than you’d hoped it would be?
One option is reduce your price. Another is to hold out for a while, hoping that the market improves to meet your price. In most cases, however, the latter option is unlikely to yield results.”

Any predictions for Hymer’s April 2006 headline? And interesting how other sites choose to ignore that first ‘The housing market has changed’ paragraph…
Cooling real estate market presents challenge for sellers [Inman – $]
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