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If we remember correctly, the ultra modern (and apparently “URBAN FABULOUS”) live/work space at 1200 Indiana last changed hands was last on the market about nine months ago after it was (listed at $1,998,000 with Herth). Well, it’s back on the market with a new price ($2,188,000) and a new agent (Michael Salstein with Zephyr).

Perhaps we’re reading into the listing, but the open house note (“Waterfront Celebrity Loft”) left us wondering: is this a flip, or true celebrity folly? We’re looking for answers.

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  1. Posted by Chuck

    flip or not I’m surprised its just a shade over 2mil. NYC has ruined me forever.

  2. Posted by garrett

    i’ve been in this “house” several times and i may be mistaken, but i’m fairly certain this place did not sell the last time it was on the market. it was on the market several months back, and it was put in escrow, but it fell out. getting financing for such a place is very difficult. this place is not for everybody–remember, it sits across the street from a muni depot. it is however one of the most unique lofts i’ve seen in the city….

  3. Posted by SocketSite

    garrett – good catch. any insight into the “celebrity” moniker?

  4. Posted by garrett

    well, not exactly sure why they call it a celebrity loft other than the fact that upon walking into this magnificantly overdone loft you could invision a goup of washed up celebrities doing all sorts of naughty things on the roof deck, in the 6 person hot-tub bath or around the “great room pool.”
    when this place was on the market a few months back, the listing agents catered it with a very nicely done spread and champagne–very “celebrity” like.

  5. Posted by anonomouse

    It’s owned by Greg Bronstein

  6. Posted by bbb

    They better hurry. I live in the area and there is a lot of construction going on. In addition, since November most places in the neighborhood have not sold. There are 3 empty flats on my block that were once for sale..

  7. Posted by Anonymous

    I’ve been to this place before. It isn’t in any way a home, it’s a coke ‘n dirty sex porn pad.

  8. Posted by SocketSite

    “coke ‘n dirty sex porn pad”? that does it, this place is officially nominated for our Best Bachelor(ette) Pads of the Bay competition….

  9. Posted by DoinDufty

    Interesting location for a bar/restaurant owner whom is notorious for not letting African Americans or Latinos into his establishments. No wonder why he wants to leave the neighborhood!

  10. Posted by Christopher

    This loft has been on the market on an off for a long, long time. I think it has been for sale more than not. It was featured on HGTV once. It has a very odd vibe, as if it is windowless. Kind of like a sound stage. And, although certain aspects of it are interesting, it mostly looks like a big empty drywall box with a few cheap furnishing tossed in.

  11. Posted by RACINGMIX

    Coke n Dirty Sex – done it on the roof top terrace in the plastic chairs/sofa (bubble club, I believe).

  12. Posted by chris

    the “bar/restaurant owner notorious for not letting African Americans or Latinos into his establishments” is les natali (i.e., the other owner of the castro), not greg bronstein.

  13. Posted by curmudgeon

    Ah…the adds more info on why Greg Bronstein has been selling/closing restaurants left and right (Blue, Red Grill, etc). All looks like a damn lot of hubris….and maybe a lot of coke too. Damn…why didn’t anyone invite me?

  14. Posted by Anonymous

    Greg is also notorious for not getting permits or Planning Dept. approval for his projects, and this “flip” is no different. Simply logging on to the Building Dept.’s permit tracking site shows that no permits were ever taken out for the recent renovation. Even worse, the property is still zoned as commercial – for $2 mil, you can’t even legally live in the place. I even heard from someone interested in buying the place that the agent was telling people they needed to take out a commercial loan! A huge scam. I hope that no one has bought it.

  15. Posted by anon

    did the place on Indiana ever sell?

  16. Posted by poor owner living in potrero

    I can’t answer for sure, but I do know one thing (honest truth)
    there is often an SUV parked there with the a vanity plate that reads:

  17. Posted by inclinejj

    Sale Date/Time: 7/7/2014 02:00 PM
    Status: Postponed to 07/07/2014 @ 02:00 PM – Trustees Discretion
    Estimated Debt: $2,116,629.47
    Bid Amount: $2,168,324.69

  18. Posted by inclinejj

    Status: Postponed to 07/24/2014 @ 02:00 PM – Operation of Law
    Estimated Debt: $2,116,629.47

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