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Folks, if you’re planning on either discrediting or slandering us in the future, do us a favor and at least have the decency to know what the hell you’re talking about. It’s just plain embarrassing when you don’t.

As you might recall, a certain ‘MLS Cop’ recently justified his attack on our Editor as a policing of “unauthorized” MLS access, and posted the following comment: “And just for the record (which caused me to do this research in the first place), there has NEVER been access to the dates that properties are listed in the publicly available MLS data. You only ever saw those dates if you were accessing the full data.”

Well…while a couple of calls to the San Francisco Multiple Listing Service didn’t do the trick, a search of our files did. As recently as 7/18/05, a listing’s status (‘Active’, or ‘Act. Con.’) was followed by a date (the elusive ‘listing date’ for Active listings) on the Search Results page. (A highlighted example is shown above, and a complete printout from our files on 199 New Montgomery is available for your review: page 1, page 2.)

And yes, these dates have since been removed from the Search Results page.

SF MLS Quietly Removes Listing Dates [SocketSite]

3 thoughts on “Proof Of Listing Dates? Inconceivable!”
  1. you guys are absolutely correct. any claim that date listings were not posted previously is a blatant lie.

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