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CBS Calls It A “Real Estate Rebound In San Francisco”

Remember when we promised to point out the bullish signs for the San Francisco real estate market based on good buy side analysis? Well, this isn’t it. Multiple offers on properties listed below current market? Amazing! Sales up on significant price cuts and seasonality? Shocking! A rebound from the... Read More »

SocketSite In The Media

SocketSite In The Media

From live national broadcasts, to the local papers, more and more people are “plugging in” to SocketSite (and we thank you). A few of our recent appearances (or references): ∙ CNBC Morning Call: Housing Trends: Follow the Condos ∙ CNNMoney: Condo prices reveal housing trends ∙ San Francisco Business... Read More »

SocketSite’s New Badge Of Honor

SocketSite’s New Badge Of Honor

You probably didn’t believe us when we wrote that we had no idea that SocketSite had been nominated, much less chosen as a finalist, for the 2006 Inman Innovator Awards. But really, we didn’t. In fact, not until yesterday did we receive our official notification along with the swanky... Read More »

SocketSite: 2006 Inman News Innovator Awards Finalist

SocketSite: 2006 Inman News Innovator Awards Finalist

  Okay, so until yesterday we didn’t even know we were nominated, but it appears that SocketSite is one of six finalists for the 2006 Inman News Innovator Awards, Most Innovative Real Estate Blog category. In all honesty, we probably don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.... Read More »

Proof Of Listing Dates?  Inconceivable!

Proof Of Listing Dates? Inconceivable!

Folks, if you’re planning on either discrediting or slandering us in the future, do us a favor and at least have the decency to know what the hell you’re talking about. It’s just plain embarrassing when you don’t. As you might recall, a certain ‘MLS Cop’ recently justified his... Read More »

Hello, My Name Is Adam

Well, so much for our request to “keep your comments on-topic; resist the temptation to flame, troll, and spam; and avoid personal attacks.” From today’s comments on Checking In On 300 Sea Cliff Ave: Adam, how is it that you decided to publish a blog about San Francisco when... Read More »

Is This Thing On?

And with a little push of a button, we’re back. Considering buying, selling, renting, or remodeling in San Francisco? We’re here to help. Interested by, intrigued with, or invested in the Bay Area real estate market? So are we. Looking to make sense of all the stats, cut through... Read More »