Having invested an estimated $3 million in buying, combining and renovating a pair adjacent Downtown Oklahoma City townhomes into a 7,000-square-foot pad, with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, elevator and a media room with bar, the now Golden State Warrior, Kevin Durant, has just sold for his NE 2nd Street home for $1.1 million having listed it for $1.5 million at the beginning of the year.

And yes, that’s a sale price of under $160 per square foot.

Helping to offset the $1.9 million loss is Durant’s two-year, $54.3-million contract with the Warriors.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Mark F.

    Well, that seems like quite a value, even for Oklahoma. But what a loss for Durant! Ouch!

  2. Posted by Dave

    It’s amazing what a million will get you in OKC or even Seattle and Portland. Well, not really – it’s amazing what a million doesn’t get you in SF.

    I suspect he was spending money to spend money. Why not on his salary. The fact that it’s never good to have the most expensive home on the block was surely not a part of the equation for him.

    Just think, if he kicks in 2 million more over the 1.1 million he got for this place, he’ll be able buy one of the [units in the] similarly sized duplex proposed for 714 Rhode Island.

    • Posted by Carpe Zeitgeist

      In this case, it is the most expensive home next to the freeway off ramp.

    • Posted by 101

      I guess you don’t know about the three most important words in real estate, Location, Location, Location. Really? Comparing OKC to SF or the Bay Area in general?

  3. Posted by SFAgain

    Um. . . . they hate KD since he left for the Warriors. His name probably brought the value down. Even the local town of Durant started a petition to change its name to (Russell) Westbrook.

  4. Posted by Brian M

    I just don’t get the crystal chandelier thing. Was he trying to live like a 19th century robber baron?

  5. Posted by sfdragonboy

    Just keep makin’ those jumpers, Kevin…..

    • Posted by SFnative

      Having a house near the “Bricktown” neighborhood isn’t a good thing for an NBA player’s shot.

      • Posted by sfdragonboy

        For sure…. there was a stupid rumor that he may go back there (cuz he and Rus are supposedly on speaking terms again)… why? There are like literally a million reasons why KD stays in the Bay… the best one is cuz Roz is here.

  6. Posted by frozentoast

    Wow I should have bought this for 1.2M! Wait that means I have to live in OKC…

  7. Posted by Stop Driving

    So… this would be about $21,000,000 in San Francisco? No wonder they hate us in the Midwest.

  8. Posted by beachbum

    Agreed that the location is terrible being right off the highway. In addition, the views are terrible (look out the windows when you view the photos of the interior). A street view of the area doesn’t make it look any better.

  9. Posted by Orland

    I just love the views out the windows of Downtown OKC.

    • Posted by E. Gonsalves

      Now he has some beautiful views of Downtown Oakland and the Bay from his home in the North Oakland Hills.

  10. Posted by ijustworkhere

    I think the lesson here is that when you put so much into remodeling a house (e.g. more than the purchase price), you can’t expect to get that money back when you sell. This is especially true of noveau riche people many of whom seem, as a rule, to have no taste.

    This is as much true in SF as in OKC.

    Moreover, the fact that he put 3 Million into it and didn’t even bother listing it for 3 but went to 1.5 immediately and then lowered to 1.1 to let the market price it shows that Durant has far more rationality than most of his SF nouveau riche counterparts, most of whom aren’t ready to admit that their personal customizations aren’t as valued by the market. By the way, what did Gurbaksh Chahal’s marble emporium sell for?

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