2476 Broadway 2016

With the asking price for the remodeled view-home next door having been reduced by $2 million (13 percent) last month, the asking price for the “Stately Pacific Heights Compound” at 2476 Broadway has just been reduced by $2.5 million (11 percent) as well.

Once again, purchased as a legal three-unit building, which had long been used as a single-family home, for $7.3 million in early 2014, an application to merge two of the three units was approved, the building was gutted, and “2476 Broadway” returned to the market last month as a contemporary 9,340-square-foot home, “designed for luxurious residential living” and priced at $22 million.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by EcceMorons

    Anytime someone uses the word “stately” to describe a home, I hear “Stately Wayne Manor”

  2. Posted by ohmy

    Even though I am too old to use the word, I’d say it was awesome.

  3. Posted by Notcom

    Does anyone know if the price includes the books shown in the staging? I think I spied a first edition Reader’s Digest Classics volume in the right bookcase.

  4. Posted by sockettome

    It’s not stately and it’s not a compound.

  5. Posted by frozentoast

    It was obvious that was coming. What gets me is the lousy job the developer did and that they’re hardly trying. If you walk up the front walkway the neighbor wall looks totally abandoned and neglected property. That’s fine except they were asking 22M for the place and didn’t think to spend 10k to at least make the front walkway look non-ghetto.

    • Posted by Outsider

      Interesting….I don’t really understand how a time-weathered brick wall is ghetto? What I don’t think works is the new or newly cleaned bright red bricks leading to the remodeled home’s front door, in stark contrast to the color palette of the residence.

      • Posted by frozentoast

        You obviously have not seen it and don’t really know what you’re talking about. It’s got old cable wire sticking out, cobwebs and some sort of fungal growth.

  6. Posted by louis

    Nice to recognize reality. But Will need to reduce by more then that.

  7. Posted by SF Social-lite

    I think we can agree that the day of the $20M house has passed. Perhaps $12.5 would see more traction.

  8. Posted by Easwuud

    Interior cribbed from any copy of Dwell magazine and then they go with grandma style crown moldings. Great views however.

    Where is the rest of the compound?

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