Arterra exterior rendering (Image Source:
Five of the 269 condominiums that comprise Arterra have been added to the MLS providing additional insight into pricing (and perhaps sales activity). HOA dues on these five condos range from $407-$537/mo.
∙ 300 Berry #303 (1/1) 735 sqft – $539,000
∙ 300 Berry #923 (2/2) 967 sqft – $840,000
∙ 300 Berry #1510 (2/1) 964 sqft – $899,000
∙ 300 Berry #557 (2/2) 1,237 sqft – $935,000
∙ 300 Berry #551 (3/2) 1,478 sqft – $1,054,000
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Anonymous

    Couldn’t let this sit with ZERO comments on it. Frankly, Arterra doesn’t seem to generate many comments. Is there just very little interest in this property? Some earlier posts talked about trains and size of units as negatives. Any recent photos of construction progress? As construction moves along, is there any sense that the “green” attributes will really make this place comfortable, have a good vibe? How about what’s planned across the street? Will the views of the channel be blocked?

  2. Posted by fogdog

    Arterra, for all of it’s “green and sustainable” veneer is at heart a mundane development in a sub-par location with small floorplans that have virtually no closet or storage space. Take those factors into account along with the premium pricing and you end up with a pre-sale buying proposition that does not make sense to most people. I think the fact that nobody bothered to post on this for days speaks to the level of interest and over-all desirability of The Arterra. My broker and I considered it and after careful evaluation I intend to buy at another Mission Bay property in January that has been much maligned but offers great value.

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