Curb Appeal: 104 Collins

Curb Appeal: 104 Collins

Flagyl is indicated for the treatment of certain infections caused by sensitive germs (bacteria, parasites). On this page full medical information about Flagyl. 104 Collins: Natural wood, earth tones, and succulents; equally at home in Sao Palo or Rio de Janeiro. (view full facade) Read More »

Design & Architecture: About

Bill Cosby once said, “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” We couldn’t agree more. “Great” design is subjective, and so are we. We can’t help it, and honestly, we wouldn’t want too. We believe that a distinct voice... Read More »

Greenspan Sees Local Housing Bubbles

While dismissing a national bubble, Alan Greenspan acknowledged signs of market “froth” and local housing bubbles during his address to the Economic Club of New York this evening. A couple of choice quotes: “We don’t perceive that there is a national bubble but it’s hard not to see …... Read More »

TIC Owners/Buyers Beware

Tenancy-in-common (TIC) units created through an Ellis Act eviction of previous building tenants may be denied eligibility for condo conversion in San Francisco. On Tuesday the San Francisco Board of Supervisors rejected the condo conversion application for the six-unit building at 400-410 Vallejo based on Section 1386 of the... Read More »

Interest-only loans meteoric rise in the Bay Area

Financial savvy for some, financial folly for others. According to The Chronicle and LoanPerformance, in 2002 less than 20% of property purchases in San Francisco utilized interest-only mortgages. In 2005? Nearly 70%. And according the Federal Reserve, owners’ equity in household real estate has grown 46 percent over the... Read More »

We’re back…

Okay, so our “one week quiet period” actually lasted three months. Our bad. But now we’re back with a vengeance, more knowledge, and more insight. So without further ado… Read More »

SocketSite™ Quiet Period

In order to prepare for our official launch, SocketSite™ is heading into a one week three month “quiet period”. Behind the scenes we’ll be making a number of changes to provide our readers with a better site, more in-depth content, and a couple of new features. In addition, we... Read More »

Better Metrics Are Coming

Something just doesn’t jibe with the majority of statistics we see published on the San Francisco rental market. Last year the Chronicle published a story pointing to increasing residential rents, and decreasing vacancies, in San Francisco. But as we walk down the street we see more “For Rent” signs... Read More »

Prime Office Space For Under $250 a Month!

Anyone else read the Matier & Ross piece on three apparently ‘rent free’ office spaces provided to Mayor Gavin Newsom’s election campaign? It’s not the potential campaign law violations or political ramblings that really interest us, but rather the thoughts of Newsom’s campaign manager Eric Jaye. Jaye, according to... Read More »

Is This Thing On?

And with a little push of a button, we’re back. Considering buying, selling, renting, or remodeling in San Francisco? We’re here to help. Interested by, intrigued with, or invested in the Bay Area real estate market? So are we. Looking to make sense of all the stats, cut through... Read More »