Wozland (Image Source: Restoring Wozland

The one-time Los Gatos home of Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak, has been on the market for at least six months. And despite the fact that the 7,200 sqft house at 300 Santa Rosa Drive was “listed” at $7,950,000 last December, NBC11 is reporting that the owner (a developer and most definitely not the Woz) is now asking $11,000,000 (and that it was originally listed at $20,000,000).

We’re not sure what’s really going on with this one, but based on the cast of characters involved (take a look at the “Meet The Team” section of the “Restoring Wozland” website) we’re not too surprised. And in terms of comps, you might want to include the 7,200 sqft house down the street that’s currently listed for $3,300,000 (321 Santa Rosa Drive). But then again, the Woz never lived there and it doesn’t have its own cave…

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  1. Old-ish news (and in reference to an old post, I know), but any news on where this property stands? First listed at $8M in 2005, then $11M in 2006, and a few months ago, NTS for auction in October. Redfin is now showing a list price of $3.75M, close to the price of the “listing down the street” in 2006.

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