QuickLinks: Two Arms And A Leg (Up?)

It’s Called Perspective

Today we offer some perspective in the form of three excerpts from a recent Bankrate.com article. First up, managing expectations: “Last year, home values appreciated about 12 percent overall nationwide, according to statistics from Neala Richardson, the principal economist with Freddie Mac. On average, appreciation usually runs between 2... Read More »

The $65,000,000 House

The $65,000,000 House

Well, 2845 Broadway has quietly replaced 300 Sea Cliff Ave as the most expensive house for sale in San Francisco (and it’s not because 300 Sea Cliff has sold). Boasting a “Once in a generation opportunity to acquire an extraordinary Gold Coast masterpiece in the making, the house also... Read More »

The San Francisco Stare-Down

So is it a simple war of the wills, or a real war of the wallets? From the New York Times: Along much of the East and West Coasts, home buyers and home sellers are engaged in a stare-down. Many buyers, having heard that the real estate market is... Read More »

Don’t Fear The Bubble

Don’t Fear The Bubble

As one of the New York Times “Most E-Mailed Articles”, chances are you’ve already read David Leonhardt’s Don’t Fear the Bubble That Bursts. But if not… …instead of panicking, most homeowners should be taking a deep breath. The real estate slump of 2006 offers a fresh chance to puncture... Read More »

REALTOR© Hoisted Upon His Own Petard

Yesterday SocketSite caught a local Realtor, and popular blogger, using statistics from the MLS to prove that demand is outstripping supply in the San Francisco housing market (and to “back up what is usually gut-feeling about the San Francisco housing market”). While we applaud the Realtor for attempting... Read More »

San Francisco Sales/Prices Trend Down

On a year-over-year basis, home prices are up 6.1% in the Bay Area (8.1% in San Francisco County) according to the California Association of Realtors. Yes, single-digit year-over-year appreciation for San Francisco County. Historically irrelevant, but it’s quite a change from the past couple of years of “guaranteed” double-digit... Read More »

Evidence Of Another Marketing Problem

An article in Friday’s San Francisco Business Times focuses on how lenders are “falling all over themselves to throw money at ”, and characterizes Bay Area condo construction as the “darling of lenders”. Unlike Miami, where an estimated 60,000 units are in the development pipeline, San Francisco... Read More »