Cow Palace
“The landmark Cow Palace got a new lease on life Tuesday when state Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, dropped efforts to put the aging arena in Daly City up for sale. Instead, he settled for a compromise plan that will allow only an adjoining parking lot to be sold.”
Cow Palace Overflow Parking Lot
Cow Palace won’t be sold, after all [SFGate]

6 thoughts on “Much Ado Over Nothing (Except An Overflow Cow Palace Parking Lot)”
  1. Really this is a piece of property that needs to be put into better use. Freeway access is great etc. Mayor Newsom should make it a priority to use this land to provide housing, relocate a great employer, etc. The State needs to sell it and get out of the way.

  2. It’s not SF so Mayor Newsome doesn’t have much say in what use to make of it.
    I like the compromise, keep the Cow Palace but force some movement on a deal in regards to redeveloping the excess parking lot.

  3. I support this compromise
    I think we need to be cafeful with the idea of selling off surplus land and it should be undertaken conservatively
    I hope the Cow Palace can be improved

  4. How do you improve an ugly hangar with bad accoustics and no design merit. Hey, why don’t we make it a historic land mark and preserve it.
    Thank god it’s in Daly City and not SF, they might get something done in the next 6 years.

  5. Sell it and tear it down is what some think and want. If that happend, one day in the near future they’d be crying about not having a large arena in this area……

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