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Private Shuttles Are Easing Congestion, But Causing More Potholes

With an estimated reduction of over 45 million vehicle miles traveled per year, a big benefit of the private shuttle buses running from San Francisco to the Peninsula is a reduction in overall vehicle emissions and congestion on the roads. According to an analysis conducted by the Department of... Read More »

San Francisco Tops Silicon Valley In VC Investment

San Francisco Tops Silicon Valley In VC Investment

Two great maps (click to enlarge) and top ten lists from the Atlantic Cities (Why San Francisco May Be the New Silicon Valley) with respect to where the venture dollars are flowing and the deals are getting done across the Bay Area. The city of San Francisco is the... Read More »

Like 8,000 New Tech Jobs Expected This Year In San Francisco

According to a poll by the newly formed San Francisco Citizens Initiative for Technology & Innovation (, their 125 member companies are expecting to hire “like 8,000 new jobs this year and counting,” according to Ron Conway,’s founding Chairman. Read More »

Tech Job Quote Triptych

“By the end of last year, San Francisco had an estimated 30,700 tech jobs, just shy of the 32,800 around the peak in early 2001…In Silicon Valley, tech positions reached 106,300 in the fourth quarter, nearing the 112,700 crest.” “Jobs in the industry now account for 16.6 percent... Read More »