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Analyst’s Airbnb Findings And Recommendations For San Francisco

Analyst’s Airbnb Findings And Recommendations For San Francisco

According to a new Legislative Analyst’s report, an estimated 25 to 50 percent of all Airbnb listings in San Francisco are for “commercially hosted” units, units which are continuously rented on a short-term basis and never occupied by their owners, “removing housing units that would otherwise be available for... Read More »

Short-Term Rental Scofflaws Hit With $276,000 Fine

Short-Term Rental Scofflaws Hit With $276,000 Fine

Two landlords who employed the Ellis Act to evict tenants from the rent-controlled units and then marketed the apartments as short-term rentals on Airbnb, Homeway and VRBO have been hit with $276,000 in penalties and fees to settle a lawsuit brought by San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera last year.... Read More »

Listings For Over 6,000 Illegal Rentals In S.F. On Airbnb Alone

As of noon today, there are roughly 6,500 listings for illegal short-term rentals in San Francisco on Airbnb alone. For as of February 1, 2015, unless a residential unit in San Francisco has been registered with the city and received a unique registration number from the Planning Department, it’s... Read More »

Scoop: Short-Term Rental Registration And Requirements To Airbnb

While it has yet be announced or officially publicized, we have the link to the requirements, application and procedure for registering a short-term rental unit in San Francisco in order to comply with the City’s so-called “Airbnb law” which goes into effect on February 1.  Start preparing now. The application will... Read More »

Mayor Lee Signs San Francisco’s Airbnb Legislation Into Law

Mayor Ed Lee has signed San Francisco’s so-called “Airbnb ordinance” into law, officially legalizing but limiting short-term rentals in the city. As approved by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors by a vote of 7-4 earlier this month, the new law allows a permanent resident of the city to rent... Read More »