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A Density Carrot And TIC Stick In San Francisco

Supervisor Scott Wiener is preparing to introduce legislation which would allow developers in San Francisco to increase the density of a building in exchange for designating 20 percent of a development’s units as “affordable” as opposed to the 12 percent as currently required by law. While Wiener’s legislation would... Read More »

Potentially Problematic Condo Conversion Legislation Approved

With supervisors Farrell, Tang, and Wiener opposing, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors have voted 8-3 to adopt the proposed condominium conversion lottery bypass legislation as last amended. Assuming it isn’t vetoed by the Mayor, the legislation will establish a bypass period during which qualifying TICs can condo convert for... Read More »

Neighbors Turn To Environmental Concerns To Keep The Haus Down

Neighbors Turn To Environmental Concerns To Keep The Haus Down

Citing concerns of architectural incompatibility, unacceptable building heights, and the loss of privacy, the neighbors’ bids to block a third story addition atop the Cass Calder Smith designed modern Haus Martin at 611 Buena Vista Avenue by way of Discretionary Review (DR) were denied by San Francisco’s Planning Commission.... Read More »

Supervisor Showdown: Wiener Versus Kim, CEQA, And Waste

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is a State statue established in 1970 which requires local public agencies to provide analysis and disclosure of possible environmental impacts prior to the approval of building permits. Exemptions from analysis can be granted for minor projects, saving much time and money, but... Read More »

Vandals In SF: Mayoral Q&A (Question & Accusation)

Tomorrow’s question and accusation from Supervisor Wiener that Mayor Lee is scheduled to answer with a scripted response: Only a few days after the opening of the wonderful new children’s playground at Dolores Park, neighbors awoke one morning to find that it had been covered in graffiti. Since then,... Read More »

No Chairs For You In The Castro Commons Before (Or After) Nine

No Chairs For You In The Castro Commons Before (Or After) Nine

On the agenda for San Francisco’s Land Use and Economic Development Committee this afternoon, new regulations for the use of Jane Warner Plaza, also known as the 17th Street Plaza or Castro Commons, San Francisco’s first parklet to open at the intersection of Castro and 17th Streets. As sponsored... Read More »

Wiener’s Proposed Public Weiner (And Ass) Ordinance

On the agenda for San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors next week, a vote on the Supervisor Wiener’s proposed ordinance regulating public nudity in restaurants and public seating areas. As proposed, the ordinance would amend San Francisco Police Code Section 1071.1 to: 1) prohibit public nudity in restaurants; and 2)... Read More »