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Wiener’s Big Housing Bill (SB 50) Shelved Anew

Wiener’s Big Housing Bill (SB 50) Shelved Anew

Following in the footsteps of Senator Scott Wiener’s original “transit-rich housing bonus” Bill 827 which was killed last year, Wiener’s follow-up bill, Senate Bill 50 (SB 50), which would allow for taller residential buildings to rise near transit and job-rich areas across California, has effectively been shelved by the... Read More »

State Senate Committee Kills Controversial Housing Bill SB 827

With only four (4) of the thirteen (13) members of the State Senate’s Transportation and Housing Committee voting in favor of advancing Senator Scott Wiener’s “transit-rich housing bonus” bill, the controversial SB 827 is DOA this legislative year but is expected to be rewritten and reappear in 2019. The... Read More »