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Permitting Scofflaws Take Note

As proposed by Supervisor Ronen, individuals, agents and entities that have a history of circumventing and abusing the City’s permitting process – such as working without a permit; misrepresenting the existing conditions of a property in order to facilitate the approval of a permit; or working beyond the scope... Read More »

U.S. Housing Starts Slip, Permit Activity Drops to a Two-Year Low

The annual pace of new housing starts in the U.S. slipped 0.9 percent from May (1.265 million units) to June (1.253 million units) but remains 6.2 percent higher versus the same time last year (1.180 million units) with the pace of construction for structures with five or more units... Read More »

What’s The Right Way To Rat Out A Neighbor And Report Illegal Work?

In our inbox this morning: I have very good sources that tell me my neighbor, a landlord, is in the initial stages of trying to build an illegal apartment in the SFH next door. It will be camouflaged by a permitted “renovation” to this SFH. The last thing we... Read More »

Which Is Worse, Unpermitted Work Or The Hells Angels?

A plugged-in reader’s story and perspective on unpermitted work: Well, I’m neither a buyer, seller, planner, architect, nor nimby, and have never filed a . I’ve lived in my home for 30 years and have always followed the rule that my neighbor’s home is his business. But, that... Read More »