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Inner Richmond Infill and One Less Service Station as Proposed

Inner Richmond Infill and One Less Service Station as Proposed

Plans to raze the Inner Richmond service station at 4135 California Street, across from the modern condos which were constructed at 300-350 Cornwall, have been submitted to San Francisco’s Planning Department for review. As proposed, a four-story building will rise up to 40 feet in height across the California... Read More »

Build More Housing Initiative Seeks 10K Units per Year through 2066

Entitled the “Build More Housing Initiative,” the paperwork for a proposed ballot measure which would establish a new “Housing and Inequality Task Force” was filed with San Francisco’s Department of Elections this morning. As drafted, the Mayoral task force would be required to create and publish “a comprehensive plan... Read More »

State Legislation Could Streamline Development in San Francisco

Governor Brown’s proposed Streamlining Affordable Housing Approvals bill could potentially fast track the approval and permitting process for tens of thousands of units in San Francisco’s housing pipeline, allowing code compliant projects with up to ninety-five (95) percent market-rate units to be developed “as of right” and prohibiting the... Read More »