Purchased by Peter and Stephanie Sperling for $14 million in 2003, the “resale” of the nearly 9,000-square-foot Russian Hill home at 2323 Hyde Street for $9 million in 2011 wasn’t exactly arms length, as we revealed at the time.

Having failed to sell when listed for $13.8 million four years ago, the “awe-inspiring mansion” designed by Willis Polk, with panoramic views, an “unparalleled rooftop terrace” and a lush landscaped garden in “esteemed Russian Hill,” has now returned to the market as an “auction” with “no reserve” but a list price of $9.98 million, a price at which it was briefly listed this past July.

If you think you know the market for awe-inspiring San Francisco properties and/or Russian Hill, now’s the time to tell.

4 thoughts on “Massive Russian Hill Mansion Trying the “Auction” Approach”
  1. Pretty ballsy they’ve got it listed at no reserve. I do recall multiple complaints and issues with Concierge Auctions and claims of false bidders, get the popcorn ready.

    1. Yep.
      It’s not a real auction. What you are bidding for is the opportunity to present an offer.
      Any serious buyer can simply have their agent draw up an offer and present it to the Listing agent, and sidestep all the hype.

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