The quirky 10,572-square-foot structure that occupies an odd-shaped 11,918-square-foot lot at 1040 Columbus Avenue, a parcel that fronts Francisco and Taylor Streets as well and has been home to Kennedy’s Irish Pub & Curry House for over three decades, is on the market for $6.5 million, touting “outstanding upside potential through tenant repositioning and [high density redevelopment].”

Zoned for development up to 40 feet in height, up to 29 dwelling units or an 85-unit group housing development could be built on the North Beach site as of right, not including any additional height or units by way of a density bonus. We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

13 thoughts on “North Beach Institution Positioned for Redevelopment”
  1. Judging from the pic, the “odd”ness of the lot pales in comparison to cobranding an Irish Pub with … a curry house?

    1. Kennedy’s is (was?) a dive. I actually thought they closed during the pandemic. They definitely had a fundraiser that didn’t seem to go very well.

      For what it’s worth, many of the curries we’re familiar with are British inventions. Chicken tikka masala is the canonical example. Like General Tso’s, nobody knows exactly who invented it, but it’s definitely a fusion dish.

      1. If an Irish pub and an Indian curry house under one roof strikes you as odd, think of British oppression as the common theme!

        Yes, Kennedy’s is definitely a dive. I have a few fond memories there from my 20’s . But in a more recent visit there was a corner by the pool tables where it smelled like something has gotten trapped in the walls and died. It’s charm has worn off in me. I
        could never muster the courage to order the curry.

  2. Losing this business would be a tough pill to swallow as I love its quirkiness, but we have to replace these parking lots and single story commercial buildings with a 6+ story buildings to get more housing. A new business will have a chance to begin its history, like Kennedy’s once did – on the ground floor. The new business, surrounding businesses, and city tax coffers will all appreciate the ~100 new SF residents.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a “Save Kennedy’s” push occurs, and perhaps it gets legacy status somehow. Relatedly, I know the business owner loves legacy status, but does the land owner / landlord? What are the incentives for landlords?

  3. Remember who the Supervisor and THD are and how they respond to any kind of development. The chances of getting this accomplished without years of frustration and expense will make this sale unlikely to happen.

    1. Each time Peskin intervenes is another opportunity for him to draw the ire of the state legislature and HCD. Not to mention takings clause concerns, given that:

      Zoned for development up to 40 feet in height, up to 29 dwelling units or an 85-unit group housing development could be built on the North Beach site as of right

      (emphasis added)

      1. I suspect any opposition will be towards the building’s use, not height. If the developer goes for the group housing option, expect complaints about such a residence being out of character with the neighborhood.

        … because you know there’s never been a case of starry eyed penniless bohemians arriving to stay in group rentals in North Beach’s past.

  4. I had a gigantic cockroach crawl across my lap in Kennedy’s. I wish that their beer selection wasn’t so good, because I’ll go back for that.

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