As we outlined last month, the refined plans for the redevelopment of the decaying Portola District block at 770 Woolsey Street were slated for approval by San Francisco’s Planning Commission, an outcome which was subsequently confirmed.  And with the window within which the development’s entitlement could have been appealed having just closed, without an appeal having been filed, the project has been officially entitled and approved.

The approved plans for the block include the development of 62 dwelling units, configured as 31 duplexes rising up to 35 feet in height, with 28 two-bedrooms, 34 three-bedrooms, a total of 62 off-street parking spaces and a 0.38-acre public park/community garden/open space on the southwest corner of the block, with two rebuilt greenhouses and a new “boiler house” shed, leveraging reclaimed materials from the existing structures “as feasible.”

But once again, neither demolition nor building permits for the approved project have yet to be requested. We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

3 thoughts on “Plans for Decaying Block Officially Approved”
  1. “as feasible” might mean “feasible with unlimited funds”. I hope this doesn’t lead to complete demolition of the old greenhouse structures and replacement with some out-of-the-catalog cheap shlock.

    1. Have you seen those structures in person? They’re a pile of rotted wood. I think what they have in mind here will look cool and make a nice public space, but they’re going to have to replace most if not all of the actual wood. It’s a Ship of Theseus situation.

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