Having admitted to accepting a previously unreported loan of $180,000 from Freydoon Ghassemzadeh, whose family operates SIA Consulting and development, a San Francisco Building Inspector that signed-off on a number of SIA Consulting’s projects in San Francisco is now under investigation and has been placed on administrative leave.

According to J.K. Dineen at the Chronicle, Senior Building Inspector Bernard Curran failed to disclose the $180,000 loan until after being questioned by the City Attorney’s office in conjunction with the ongoing investigation into corruption within San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspection (DBI), wasn’t clear with respect to his plans for paying back the loan, and appears to have provided sign-offs on SIA Consulting projects that were outside of the district he oversaw.

8 thoughts on “Senior Building Inspector Under Investigation in San Francisco”
  1. tip of the iceberg. unchecked corruption, nepotism and lack of transparency. a trip to the building department reveals how the city’s agencies function. high pay, no accountability.

  2. I’d suggest looking up “Conflict of Interest” : Why- the **** is an inspector even allowed to TALK about getting a loan from a potential inspectee. It should be grounds for instant dismissal.

  3. Interesting to note that the real estate agent selling SIA’s properties is a Board of Appeals Commissioner.

    1. In my opinion, the board of permit appeals has long been a cesspool of corruption. I am sure it has not gone unnoticed by the FBI investigators.

      1. I hope you are correct. It is a great illustration of the hive of back-scratching that goes on and has gone on for decades.

  4. Is it my imagination, or has a senior building department official been arrested for corruption every few years for the better part of past 30 years? Any records on that SocketSite?

  5. John Pollard needs to be arrested again. The fraud he’s committed is mind blowing. Arrested and convicted for tax fraud, assault the list is long indeed. Surprised he hasn’t been already for the new shady crap he’s been pulling. Maybe cuz he’s not a minority they’re looking the other way?

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