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Listed for $4.2 million in January of 2019, the asking price for the “unparalleled view compound” on a 6,300-square-foot lot at 276 Ripley Street, a 4-bedroom Bernal Heights home with a contemporary open floor plan and “at-your-door access to the iconic walker’s paradise, Bernal Hill,” was dropped to $3.35 million that September, further reduced to $2.75 million, and then increased to $3.195 million that October before the home sold for $3.1 million in November of 2019.

And having returned to the market priced at $3.295 million this past April, a sale at which would have represented total appreciation of just 6.3 percent for the single-family home since the fourth quarter of 2019, and quickly in contract for around a week, 276 Ripley has just been relisted for “$2.995 million.”

If you think you know the market in Bernal Heights, now’s the time to tell.

21 thoughts on “Bernal Heights “Compound” Reduced Below its 2019 Price”
  1. I have a thing about telephone wires. There are none in sight in the lovingly airbrushed main photo but you can see them through the window of the living room.

    1. If you look at the picture on Google Maps you will see that the wires are across the street. There was no need to digitally remove them in the main photo–which realtors rarely do for fear of misrepresenting the property. You do see them when looking out the window, of course.

      1. ‘across the street’ seems like a horrible way to paint the issue at hand. Hat tip to your marketing prowess. Let us hope buyers don’t realize how small street widths are…

      2. Yes, the secondary distribution lines are across the street, but the photo of the exterior have been airbrushed to remove the service drop running from the lines across the street into the top left corner of the home. You can see the service drop clearly on street view. And If you zoom in on the image leading this article, you can see the service drop lines magically disappear where the sky meets the trim of the home. Bottom line, the photo has been doctored to remove the presence of electrical lines.

        $1.35, guessing 45 DOM.

        1. And when I say “leading the article” I mean the exterior photo of the home appearing on the SS landing page rather than the photo at the top of the stand-alone article page.

  2. the topography of this particular part of bernal is challenging for this house. it’s amusing to see it described as a “walker’s paradise”, since there’s no way to get to Cortland or Precita Park without going up some really steep hills. if you have kids, you’re driving everywhere. interior is nice, though. i’d guess it gets the asking price but not much more.
    it’s amusing that the google street view photo shows the for sale sign from the previous (early 2019) sale.

    1. Always loved this street—coincidentally the subject of a very famous Wayne Thiebaud painting.

      The hop around the corner to Bernal Heights blvd down to Courtland isn’t too bad—maybe not with little ones, but let’s be real, little one don’t really walk anywhere these days.

      1. Mine does, because he still doesn’t know any better. He walks everywhere with me. We purposely did not raise him in a car like most American children.

        1. Have your neighbors or family called Child Protective Services on you yet? Are you some kind of communist? (LOL. We walked and wandered around on our own endlessly. Heck, I delivered newspapers at 4:00 a.m. in a midwestern winter by myself)

  3. Trying to understand this property. It looks as if it’s actually a condominium (there are two separate homes on a single parcel, the other one being 278 Ripley.) So you’d need to be awfully cozy with your neighbor since (I guess?) this sale only includes the front house? The records are a little confusing, so I’m not sure if the rear house actually exists — but it seems as if I was entitled?

    Does anyone know more?

    1. If you’re deducing this b/c the various R/E sites have two listings, I think it’s an error: there’s only one house/one lot…which has been assigned both addresses. (It’s apparent when you do the 3D tour…unless they’re selling a Parallel Universe property ! 🙂 The uphill house is 282 and the downhill one is 268.

      1. The property has two addresses, and if you look at the Planning and Building permit history, there is stuff about a second dwelling being permitted on the same lot. From the permits I’d have guessed that this was actually a condominium sale (two properties on one lot) but there’s no indication of that in the listing.

        1. It’s a single-family home and the only structure on the lot. And while permits to build a second, 3-story home on the rear of the oversized lot were approved and issued in 2018, the ground was never broken.

    2. Google maps shows what looks like a separate building in the back. An ADU with a shared driveway. maybe? They do use the word “compound”.

      1. I’ve never noticed another unit on this property. Are people mistaking 268 Ripley, which sits on the back of the equally long lot next door, as an ADU?

  4. With all due respect to the extraordinary literary skills of real estate brokers, what is a compound? Does an outhouse or a separate garage create a compound?

    Also, what is a villa? There seem to be a number of villas for sale in SF.

    How does a “compound” or a “villa” differ from a “house” ?

    1. Given that detached garages are common, I’d say you need at least three buildings to make a compound. And Tuff Sheds don’t count.

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