The “two-bedroom” home at 2140 Great Highway hit the market earlier this year, with a marketing push touting its “Mondrian inspired” paint job (which the seller had successfully maintained for two decades).

“Featuring unobstructed views of the sun, sky, sand and surf,” and a newly landscaped backyard (not to mention a second entrance and the “framework” for a second kitchen/unit, which is adjacent to an unlisted third bedroom and second bath), the home sold for $2.05 million in mid-March with additional fanfare.

And according to a plugged-in reader, the new owner of the home is now getting quotes for repainting its facade, “in order to avoid people stopping and gawking at the house” (and constantly obstructing those aforementioned views and otherwise bucolic ocean vibe).

12 thoughts on “Plans to Erase this Instagram Famous Façade”
    1. According to industry stats, and perhaps a postcard or two, the official sale price was actually a little under “$1,600 per square foot!”

      Of course, that’s not accounting for the “framework” for a second kitchen/unit (which happens to be attached to an unlisted third bedroom and second full bath), as we outlined above.

      1. Interesting that there is no permit history for that work performed.
        It would be a real shame if someone reported it to DBI…

        1. Sorry, DBI seems reticent to strictly enforce the rules when it comes to illegal units. I have seen more then one complaint closed where a kitchen ceases to be a kitchen when the oven / stove is removed. Bedrooms simply become an office, media room, exercise room, tool room etc.

  1. No doubt every person who mourns the loss of this landmark will go and replicate it on her own home.

    1. No, never!

      While you’re here visiting San Francisco, be sure to check out Coit Tower (it DOES look like a fire hose nozzle!) and try some Dungeness crab down at good ol’ Fisherman’s Wharf! Finish it off with a world famous cable car ride! Gosh that Lombard Street sure is twisty!

  2. That second entrance just goes to the back yard, to which there’s no access except through the main house. Right? So that can’t support a second unit.

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