Having shuttered back in 2014, after nearly five decades of serving freshly ground burgers to a legion of adorning fans, a permit to raze the iconic Joe’s Cable Car shack, on the northwest corner of Mission and Tingley Streets, has been requested.

And as envisioned, a contemporary four-story building designed by Fougeron Architecture will rise up to 45 feet in height upon the Excelsior District site, which includes the adjacent parking lot fronting Mission.

The proposed development would yield nine (9) residential units (a mix of one (1) one-bedroom, six (6) twos and two (2) threes) over 2,100 square feet of new ground floor retail space and an at-grade garage for three (3) cars, along with a new 2 Tingley Street address.

And with a requested rear yard modification and variance for the design of the proposed bays along Mission likely to be approved by the City next week, we’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Miraloma Man

    May as well…..just don’t touch my Excelsior dive bars.

    • Posted by Robert Tobb

      Which are your favorites?

      • Posted by Miraloma Man

        I don’t get out much anymore with a family and all, but I was partial to The Office, The Doctor’s, and the Rink-a-Tink Club. Broken Record is good too, although it’s in Crocker-Amazon.

  2. Posted by Notcom

    “…nearly five decades…”

    very nearly

    (and a note to “MM”: JCC served up beer and wine, too, so no reason to think your dives are safe….”ask not for whom the glass clinks, it clinks for thee”)

  3. Posted by UnlivableCity

    The last time we ate at that place it was over $40 for a couple burgers and fries. Kind of like the gas station that charged double prices and so was empty and now is condos as well. The path to planning approval is circuitous for sure.

  4. Posted by Turin

    Get ready for a DR from 282 Silver. Check out the (huge!) pool and patio in their back yard. I would be shocked if they didn’t try to fight this.

    • Posted by NoeEnvy

      Do you think they will have any grounds on which to fight it? I have to think that having a pool & patio in a city environment doesn’t give you the right to stunt growth on an adjacent lot, but given this is SF anything is possible.

      • Posted by Turin

        I rarely find DRs to have any grounds, yet they always come up. If it’s not light, air or privacy, it will be Joe’s history that needs to be saved.

  5. Posted by Metroliner

    NINE units on this massive lot? SMH

    • Posted by sparky-b

      9 units = no BMR, 9 market rate
      11 units = 2 bmr units, 9 market rate

      • Posted by Curious

        That sounds like the primary motivation. I was thinking that having fewer units with more bedrooms was probably a good thing (flexibility for families or roommates), but was the BMR policy actually intended to create that incentive, or is it just an unintended consequence?

        • Posted by sparky-b

          The policy at 9 units was created to allow for more of small projects. It was a big push from the Residential Builders Assoc. to get it moved up from 5 a while back because that number was stifling small projects. This lot is bigger than the lots it was targeting at the rewrite through.

          [Editor’s Note: Raising The Threshold For Requiring Below Market Rate (BMR) Units (circa 2012)]

        • Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

          a.k.a. a perverse incentive.

  6. Posted by yy

    So the BMR rules are related to why it has stayed in limbo for so long? Anything else, or just holding out?

    • Posted by SocketSite

      No. The bogeyman known as San Francisco’s inclusionary housing (BMR) law, which was relaxed in 2012, has nothing to do with why this parcel has yet to be developed.

  7. Posted by pablitio

    “2 Tingley” that is gold. 🙂

  8. Posted by Goodmaab50

    Taco Bell KFC sand auto lot nearby should be next sites and the corner of the JHSF land swap with SFPL site so we have a decent sized new public library in excelsior at mission and silver

    See mission bay senior housing public library site would be an awesome couple of new development sites in the excelsior to spur retail and new housing bear transit / problem is the overstuffed 44 and 14/49

    • Posted by Deb

      What’s wrong with KFC Taco Bell? There has to be something kept affordable. With all these new buildings will come much more expensive restaurants. That can be a good thing, however, out of reach for most working class struggling to pay the rent.

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