As we first reported early last year, Macy’s was in contract to sell its 280,000-square-foot Stonestown Galleria location, which opened in 1952, to General Growth Properties, the terms of which included a temporary leaseback of the store until the plans for redeveloping the location were formalized and approved.

With the sale having since closed escrow and GGP’s plans having been drafted and refined, the formal application to proceed with the project has now been submitted to Planning for review.

And as proposed, the redevelopment of the space would yield a new 12-screen movie theater with a total of 1,400 seats and seven (7) smaller retail spaces, the largest of which would measure around 46,000 square feet in size and is envisioned to be occupied by a yet to be named new grocery tenant. Keep in mind that Trader Joe’s is already a tenant of the Galleria.

17 thoughts on “Plans for Stonestown Galleria Redevelopment Formalized”
  1. Surprised there is no residential component. I know that GGP spun off their mixed-use assets into HHC (Howard Hughes Corp), perhaps they could have done something through them in a JV?

  2. There were multiple residential proposals in the past but community pushback has always resulted in zero progress on that front. Sucks for new housing (which I’m all for), but great for my real estate portfolio.

  3. There should be ZERO opposition to housing on this site… Post approvals of SFSU-CSU and Parkmerced, this site should not just be retail,

    What SHOULD be dealt with is transit impacts 19th Ave Transit Planning and resolve to fix the mess that was left in the SFSU-CSU and Parkmerced approvals….

    70 Million was boobkes in terms of the transit solution to Daly City BART, the planners, pundits, and proposals all have ignored the impacts.

    The ONLY solution now is linking the L Taraval back up sloat, and dealing with a southbound link to the BART station.

    Maybe a hyperloop intermodal up the I-280 spine to Daly City from San Jose..

    Something needs to be done at the I-280 19th Ave interchange and air-rights for development from Daly City to Brotherhood Way…

    Its about time to plan the west-side, and not just for profit driven motives of private development but for the cities bi-county development and future.

  4. Glad to see they are unlocking the space for higher and better use for now. Who knows how well the new businesses will fare in the next 5-10 yrs.? The bright spot is they will always have SF State next door with their abundant supply of college workers and shoppers.

  5. Anyone building large new movie theaters or large new shopping centers doesn’t have a good head for business, trends are not promising for either. Localities should be planning for reuse of these properties as they fail over the next 20 years, not building more of them.

    1. Agree, I live in the area and while it would be cool to have a movie theatre within walking distance, not sure if the math works out, with Daly City’s Century multiplex just down the road and theatre business dropping and streaming TV on the rise. Maybe they are banking on Park Merced’s population increase? But that’s not going to max out until well after this is built, no? Also, another grocery? But I have been proved wrong before, as when they built a City SportsClub right next to the Y and both seem to be doing okay.

    2. The math is working for someone as it is getting financed and therefore built. The question to be had, who makes the money.

    3. People are still going to the movies, they just need to build the right ones. Movie goers are going to theaters with reclining chairs like AMC in Westfield, or those that serve food and alcohol like Alamo Drafthouse.

  6. Why allow more boxes, the YMCA annex, parking lots, and open space could be ideal for new rental housing development to help grow needed new housing post the annex of UPS and UPN by SFSU-CSU.

    Parkmerced’s units wont be “affordable” to new families, we need succint plans to build and retain new housing for work-force, student and senior housing…

    Plan the right way not just for “green-$-greed”

  7. Wow. That is one ugly building. It looks like a Soviet sheet metal factory. Zero trees in the parking lot? Its like they are not even trying….

  8. Reminder that is the “back-side” of the building… Do an aireal view on google, look at 19th Ave. and connectivity, and realize that the site can be more than large boxes… Couple this with the YMCA Annex and Pet-Store, back lot at the movie theater, and front parking areas and you can redevelop a plinth with underground parking closer to 19th, with a new 19th ave. station across from Mercy at grade, or elevated if you bring the M-L line to connect in a T at 20th and Sloat with an underground station that elevates heading south past the medical building and YMCA annex to grade level. There are other solutions, the city just needs to open the spectrum of transit linkages and how to best solve the mess of density on the west-side without just repaving roads… Transit infrastructure is needed.

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