The colorful Uptown Oakland building at 2120 Broadway, which also fronts Franklin Street and is home to both the landmark Club BNB (formerly Bench and Bar) and its sister Club 21, which together are billed as the Bay Area’s biggest gay and lesbian dance club, is now on the market with an $8.9 million price tag.

The price includes the adjacent 24-space parking lot parcel (2112 Broadway) as well.

And while the listing for the fully occupied building doesn’t mention any specific terms or termination dates for its existing leaseholders, it does emphasize that “most structures nearby are of significant height, emphasizing the potential to build higher on this site” and that “there is considerable potential for high rents at this location and further development.”

Keep in mind that the parcels at 2112-2120 Broadway have no specific height limits for development. We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by E.Gonsalves

    This will be another highrise coming to downtown Oakland. I have mixed feelings regarding possibly losing the culture, color, character and flavor of this part of Uptown. I find this part of Franklin kind of charming with the curved street, plazas and varied architecture.

    • Posted by Notcom

      I don’t know about that, the parcel isn’t very big; but regardless, I think we’ll see that clubs are slowing being priced out of the downtown area: I was having the Z3 serviced the other day, and the shop owner – in the heart of the Auto Row buildarama – was relating how he lost one of the nearby shops to which he sublet work to a garage>club conversion…I think they’ll be many more.

      • Posted by E.Gonsalves

        Yes, Uptown and Auto Row are going through a huge transformation. I’d like to see more development like The Hive where the older historic warehouses and former dealerships are incorporated into new developments. Signature Properties did a wonderful job at The Hive where places like Drake’s Dealership and Calavera restaurant are doing booming business in charming repurposed buildings. That type of development adds flavor and character to Oakland.

        • Posted by Justin

          The Hive is too short for that area. Really disappointing.

          • Posted by E.Gonsalves

            I think it’s pretty cool. The restored historic buildings add character and charm that a highrise wouldn’t offer. DTO is attaining a good balance. I would hate to see a bunch of soulless huge cylinders bumping up against each other with no life at street level.

  2. Posted by Jon

    Will the new development have unbeatable views of historic Kenny’s house?

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