A major addition by the late Daniel Liebermann transformed this former redwood cottage, which sits on two secluded parcels totaling 1.4 acres up in the Berkeley Hills at 200 Panoramic Way, back in 1991.

Since dubbed “Panoramic Sky,” a floating wooden staircase leads from the home’s new stone-paved foyer to a double-height living room which features walls of glass, a recurring stone fireplace, and views to the San Francisco Bay.

A bedroom loft above features an ornate center column and skylight.

The dining room is outfitted with another stone fireplace, skylights and opens to the kitchen.

And having been purchased for $2.625 million back in 2007 and recently on the market as a rental for around $3,000 per night, Panoramic Sky has just hit the market priced at $3.8 million as well.

26 thoughts on “Liebermann Designed Berkeley Hills Pad Listed for $3.8 Million”
  1. These goofy houses are so cool! Unlike most houses around, highly detailed, and still handsome to this day.

    Imagine being the interior designer tasked with turning the home into 21st century modern. The first thing to go: toilet thrones at the dining table.

  2. Much of Panoramic Way is actually in Oakland. The realtors always market these homes within Oakland city limits as “Berkeley” due to a Berkeley mailing zip code.

    1. Oakland or Berkeley, this place has nothing on my Washougal country home. At 450K no less – 2 years ago, it’s now north of 550K.

      That said, this home has a great exterior. Wood, “small”, intimate. The interior is problematic. The foyer and bedroom look good, but the dining room/kitchen – what is that about?!

      The potential for a great home is here – the buyer just needs to do major interior upgrades.

  3. OK, it’s in Oakland, although I can totally see the Berkeley identity, since you pretty much have to get there through Berkeley. But the real estate listing is pushing the not-near-Oakland thing to the point of deceptive advertising. Some heavily ellipsed highlights: “the quiet, residential North Berkeley Hills neighborhood… backs up against Tilden Regional Park… Some residents in the southern part of North Berkeley Hills are within walking distance from the thriving retail district on Solano Avenue, though those who live at higher elevations will likely need to drive..”. Yeah, no kidding. Google tells me it’s a 20-minute drive (or 55 minutes on a bus, or a 1 1/2 hour walk) to “the thriving retail district on Solano Avenue” from this Southside-adjacent house that’s nowhere near Tilden or North Berkeley – but on the bright side you’ll be passing 4 or 5 thriving retail districts in between. You can stop at one for a snack maybe.

    Plus it’s kind of ugly. (Those aren’t toilet thrones, though, they’re Verner Panton chairs. Maybe not a thoughtful choice for the room, but it’s not their fault.)

  4. Are you sure this is the same house? This home is no where near Solano Avenue. This is much closer to College Avenue in Oakland. Oakland city limits includes the University Botanical Garden and extends as far north as next to the Lawrence Hall of Science. A large portion of U.C. property is within Oakland city limits. Memorial Sadium is right next to Panoramic Way in Oakland.

    1. That was kind of my point. Go to the realtor’s listing linked above, scroll down, and read the section titled “Neighborhood”.

      1. The shops pictured are on Claremont or Domingo, so (vaguely) close to the house…tho I wouldn’t really call it “the neighborhood”. But remember this is written in Agentese, so set your translator accordingly.

        OTOH, the website for the house itself is sort of a parody of SF-centric snobbery: it might as well say “perched near the eastern edge of SF City Limits”…and “Take a night walk through San Francisco if you prefer to be outdoors or away from sweaty crowds” 🙂

        1. Yes, in “Berkeley” on the edges of San Francisco. This is how snobbish realtors advertise high end homes in the North Oakland hills. If Oakland were credited for all of its rightful neighborhoods, it would be regarded as a far greater city than Berkeley and probably the finest large city in the Bay Area.

          1. It’s not the realtor’s site – which as I said I thought was fairly even-handed – but the house’s own site (apparently it’s available for “booking”, tho for exactly what purposes I don’t know). But what’s remarkable is that – while I would assume the target audience is wealthy and sophisticated – the promo seems aimed at the LCD crowd (“You can ride a cable car to Fisherman’s Wharf, a historic waterfront filled with restaurants, shops and a view of Alcatraz, which is just a short boat ride away. Other popular attractions are [sic] China town, Lombard Street…”) Or perhaps it’s confirmation of our worst fears about the type of people who end up here: wealthy, but clueless.

            Nonetheless , I’ll have to join that small – but growing – group of people agreeing with you: if the Eastbay, rather than SF, was given credit for the things actually here, there might be more people interested in forgoing the “sweaty crowds” and finding them. Imagine that.

          2. Come on. Why the competitive snobbery? It just makes your advocacy look….silly.

            Both cities have amazing neighborhoods. In no way is Oakland a “far greater city” than Berkeley, but why does it have to be. And in no way is it the finest large city in the Bay Area…w3hy would you even want it to be?

  5. Overall a design reflecting love. But the roof below visible through one of the roofs is ugly, and should be landscaped. Terrible staging.

  6. I like the exterior shot. But the interior is totally unlivable. Those stone floors (and those hideous medieval fireplaces) could not be more unwelcoming.

  7. UPDATE: The asking price for the Daniel Liebermann designed home at 200 Panoramic Way has just been reduced by $500K (13 percent) to $3.388 million and the property has been relisted anew with an official “1” day on the market according to all industry stats and reports.

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