The operators of East Oakland’s Saba Live Poultry, a national chain which sells live and freshly slaughtered chickens and livestock from Halal-certified facilities, is planning to open an outpost in San Francisco.

If approved, the middle third of the warehouse building at 1526 Wallace Avenue in Bayview will be converted into the 2,100-square-foot shop and livestock processing facility.

And while the conversion of the warehouse space will require a Conditional Use authorization to be approved, the formal application for which has been submitted to Planning, the space is appropriately zoned PDR (Production Distribution and Repair).

No word on whether Charles Tow Service, which occupies the western third of the warehouse building, plans to stay once the chickens arrive.

11 thoughts on “Slaughterhouse Sets Its Sights on San Francisco”
  1. I thought SF didn’t allow sale of live and fresh slaughter of chickens, etc. and therefore a few places in Chinatown went out of business. Can someone clarify?

    1. It probably depends on zoning. Its clearly allowed in certain industrial zones, at least. There’s a meat rendering plant in SF already, fish processing plants, sausage factories, etc…and of course there’s this proposal

  2. Could have used the word abattoir, but of course the editor couldn’t get an alliterative headline out of it. Har.

    Anyway, my question is whether or not such an operation will generate a smell in the generate vacinity worse than a similarly-sized (cough) medical marijuana grow house.

    1. “Abattoir Aims At An Avenue”

      “Poultry Processor Picks the ‘Point”

      Thankfully we avoided (yet another) discussion about a business “fleeing” Oakland for SF (presumably the fact that the Oakland location remains open had something to do with that).

  3. That’s great! A beautiful diverse and inclusive city should welcome this for our friends needing halal meat! Might have to check it out! Can’t beat that freshness

  4. Thats great, if approved which we all hope. I will always buy from them. There is no better chickens than this place its healthy, and fresh and their chickens taste delicious. I love this company

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