The requested neighborhood plan-based environmental exemption for a proposed five-story building for small-scale builders and makers to rise on the 1228 25th Street parcel, the awkward lot at the intersection of 25th Street and the Indiana Street on-ramp to I-280 that currently serves as a scrap and storage yard, has been approved.

1228 25th Street Design

And the Leavitt Architecture designed building, which would provide 11,500 square feet of flexible Production, Distribution & Repair (PDR) space for small enterprises, including a 1,500-square-foot rooftop space and a 450-square-foot lobby – along with 2,500 square feet of ground floor retail that could be outfitted as a café and parking for ten bikes – could break ground as soon as a building permit is secured, the paperwork for which has been filed.

Keep in mind that plans for four live/work lofts to rise upon the site were proposed and permitted seventeen years ago but subsequently abandoned.

9 thoughts on “Exemption for Small Builders and Makers Project Approved”
    1. Is this living space? Seems like the plan is for production space, no living. Otherwise this might be the start of live/work 2.0.

  1. I live right up the street on 25th and Mississippi, above 280. This is going to be a great addition to the neighborhood; still meeting demands for PDR space, while getting rid of the current eyesore. BTW, I love where I live, despite the proximity of the freeway.

    1. What do you think would be good in the retail space? Maybe a little grocery?

      I just know the area from passing through on the way to Caltrain, but a cafe seems unlikely when Philz is right around the corner on Minnesota. Feels like this hood couldn’t support two cafes a block apart. And would anyone want to linger so close to the freeway?

      Concur that this is an awesome use of an oddly shaped and situated parcel.

      1. A little corner market would be incredibly appreciated. There is nothing at all in the general area, and there are a surprising number of people who live nearby. That place to run for a quart of milk or and pint of ice cream….that would improve my life a thousand fold. I agree that with Philz around the corner, there’s not much of a need for another cafe.

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