2400 Filbert Street Site

While the West Oakland warehouse at the corner of Filbert and 24th Streets is in the hands of a bankruptcy trustee, and the entitlements to level the site and construct 55 new ‘Emerald Parc’ townhomes on the parcels known as 2400 Filbert Street were slated to expire at the end of 2016, Oakland’s Planning Commission has extended the time a developer will have to break ground on the approved development to the end of September 2017. And an all-cash offer of $4.6 million for the property is now in hand.

That being said, the sale is subject to the approval of the Bankruptcy Court and another bid of $4.85 million or more could complicate the sale.

The 2400 Filbert Street site, which is across the street from an approved 126-unit development by City Ventures slated to break ground this spring, was first approved for development by Oakland’s Planning Commission back in 2005.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by E. Gonsalves

    Let’s hope these parcels are developed soon in order to alleviate some of the blight in this area. This is a convenient area with easy access to DTO as well as to the S.F. financial district. The city needs to get on top of the illegal dumping and graffiti in this neighborhood.

  2. Posted by Toothpick

    Hmmm….These parcels have to develop soon! Also don’t forget the BRT to be expanded so that we’ll get a robust public transportation to beat san francisco…

    • Posted by curmudgeon

      BRT goes nowhere near this site…I don’t understand the comment.

      • Posted by EBGuy

        Less than a half mile to the 72R stop on San Pablo. That’s less than a ten minute walk. YMMV.

        • Posted by curmudgeon

          True. The only BRT in Oakland, however, will be on International (starting construction now-ish). It will terminate downtown not far from this property at 20th and Broadway, but will probably be of relatively little use to residents on this site. Future residents will be much more likely to work in downtown Oakland or SF than in East Oakland.

          • Posted by EBGuy

            Hee, hee. Knew we would go there. Try on this koan: Is a rapid bus line bus rapid transit?

  3. Posted by toothpick

    Hospital routing.

  4. Posted by toothpick

    So that the hospitals can easily prepare for the earthquakes with non threatening injuries on the doorstep with prompt timing. The whole fleet of buses gets ready to divulge on each other’s route to go another hospital that has given signal that they’ll done with the local batch of non-threatening troubles and still got leftover bandages. Resupplying for hospital can go along with the “final passenger” with on spot temporary fixes on the buses beside the bus driver. The last man/woman gets to chat with the bus driver until then.

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