23 Robinhood Drive

The low-slung Sherwood Forest home at 23 Robinhood Drive has hit the market listed for $2.3 million touting partial ocean views and five bedrooms, including a “beautiful master bedroom” which is currently outfitted with a rather merry looking swing that nobody thought to remove for the photo shoot.

No word on how just swinging the evening open houses are expected to be.

14 thoughts on “A Merry Master Bedroom on Robinhood Drive”
  1. strange seller and broker. they really went all out putting the laundry and uhaul boxes away. house has a few nice touches that might have shown much better.

    I don’t know area at all. but interesting to guess how much the same low rise modern, with total reno, would sell on the 3000 blocks of Bway or pacific where there are a few of them…

    I think the multiple is 4x to 5x for location — i.e. this sells for 8-10 MIL cross town. staged better, that is.


  2. Agree re: unnecessary weirdness. Soccermom could add 150K of curb appeal value with 2 hours, a chainsaw and pickup truck to get rid of the overgrown cypress or whatever tree/bushes in the front yard. Redfin says it’s worth 2.5… I’ll bet listing agent thinks its intentionally underpriced. $514 a foot sounds like a good deal almost anywhere in the city, but with a nice view too, two car garage and two car driveway?

    4,400sf * $650/ft = 2.86mm

    Would be higher except for design choices.

  3. The swing looks like one of those antigravity cocoon yoga things.. but what strange and creepy pictures. Piles of laundry everywhere? Maybe a contentious sale.

  4. It’s hard to believe their broker didn’t suggest tidying up before they took those marketing photos. But you certainly can’t accuse them of aggressive staging.

    1. If, as reported above, this is a court-ordered sale as part of a bankruptcy proceeding, the sellers do not care what the place sells for. It all goes to their creditors except a $150,000 homestead exemption (unless there is some unusual situation that applies). If the place $150,000.01, they are happy.

  5. Love it. Get all their crap out, let soccermom do her thing with a chainsaw, and it has tons of potential.

  6. Some lucky buyer is going to see past the weird stuff and get a great house. I love the ceilings.

  7. UPDATE: The sale of 23 Robinhood Drive has closed escrow with a contract price of $2.5 million ($562 per square foot).

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