From the listing: “The views to the ocean and Marin Headlands are breath-taking.”

And while we don’t know if the card below was placed in anticipation of a foggy day, or in case the buyer couldn’t find the featured view, from the camera of a reader’s spouse who toured the Golden Gate Heights home this weekend:

"Ocean View"

No word on whether or not her breath was taken along with the pic.

8 thoughts on “Open House Cue Cards For The Unwitting?”
    1. All of which are conspicuously missing from the sign thanks to some camera zooming. Which means the agent might be better off on a foggy day after all. :-/

        1. There’s a cardboard sign affixed to the railing. That sign contains a photograph of the ocean view. Not seen in that photograph are the wires and ugly rooftops. The photographer achieved this by zooming in to frame the shot in a more favorable way. This photograph makes the view look better than it really is.

          [All snark has been deleted from this reply in the interest of playing nicely with others].

          1. That’s completely subjective. One could also say the panoramic nature of the actual view, wires and all, actually would be found superior to the limited scope of the photograph. Photo zooming is photo zooming. The human eye can similarly ignore wires and ugly roofs via angles. The fact of the matter is, the big photo clearly displayed the wires and whatnot. Who cares about the teeny weeny placard?

    1. Are you kidding? That’s shabby-chic patina. Indicates character, sense of place, terroir, etc. I have million-dollar listing clients who can barely hope to dream of having mildew-covered porch railings, and you want to wash them?!


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