568 Mountain Home Road Front Door

The mid-century home at 568 Mountain Home Road in Woodside was designed by Don Knorr in 1969 and the front doors by Alexander Girard, both of whom were friends of the owner who passed away in 2012.

568 Mountain Home Road Living

In addition to the main residence, the 3-acre property includes a guest house, studio apartment and pool house.

568 Mountain Home Road Exterior

Having been a rental for the past couple of years, the home has just hit the market for the first time listed for $7.2 million and noting: “You may want to restore this award winning Don Knorr mid-century contemporary or build your new estate property (verify with Town of Woodside).” At the very least, please save the doors.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by soccermom

    Cool house! Seems just on the edge of whether it is cool and modern enough to be saved and celebrated by new money or whether it is too small and dank to avoid be scraped.

    I find myself discerning ROSES on the front door.

    [Editor’s Note: R. Scoren (the late owner’s name).]

    • Posted by soccermom

      Got it. Could as easily read D. Draper.

      Maybe there is an intermediate move between saving and scraping to hire Swatt Miers to make it bigger. I would pay those guys if I had silly money.

      • Posted by inmycountry

        Sort of like dog meet fire hydrant.

  2. Posted by The Bonus?

    Wow, those look like Benny Bufano Sculptures. Beautiful! Do they go with the property?

  3. Posted by cleverpunhere

    I love it.

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