880 Ashbury Street

Built in 1908 and since seismically upgraded, the 4,500-square-foot Buena Vista Park home at 880 Ashbury was on the market for $2.75 million in early 2011 and sold for $2.46 million that June.

880 Ashbury Floor Plan

The four-level home is an eclectic mix of old and new, with ornate original woodwork and period details; an antique center island in the open kitchen which was ‘modernized’ in 1999; a half-floor master suite with multiple walk-in closets; and a top floor sitting room with deconstructed ceiling.

And with a newly added two-car garage, 880 Ashbury is now back on the market for $4,499,995.

11 thoughts on “Eclectic Ashbury Heights Mansion On The Market For $4.5M”
  1. I like the antique island and hood but they could have done a better job with the rest of the kitchen and office addition. Really nice job with the add-a-garage.

  2. Does this mean the “white box” interior remodels with 300 ceiling can lights is almost dead? Thanks to whomever saved some of the original interior and exterior architectural details.

    1. Oh I really, really hope that the white box interiors are going the way of the dodo. At best, they can stay in those mid-century boxes in Diamond Heights. This Ashbury Heights house is truly amazing.

    2. Please don’t let somebody “flip” this house and gut all period details. I think with a few minor aesthetic changes it will be the perfect home (starting with the color of the backsplash).

  3. Yeah, this place is pretty awesome. We looked at it closely and almost made an offer on it last time around when we were in the market and only decided not to do so because the location is not great for us (i.e. nothing to do with the house itself). The main floor is really fantastic.

    I guess I can’t say I’ll be shocked if this goes for asking or more given the recent comps. But it is pretty amazing that just a few years ago $2 million got you a truly awesome, large, bang-up place, and now it’s looking like $3-$4 million (or more) is the new threshold.

  4. How could anybody live with all that bric-a-brac and crap. Do you all have full time help to clean it. ugh.

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