Purchased for $530,000 in early 2011, the three-level loft condo #108 at 16 Jessie Street (a.k.a. One Ecker) returned to the market listed for $998,000 eight days ago and is already in contract.

Expect the gain to help feed, or perhaps pay off, the seller’s rather serious handbag habit harbored in the walk-in closet below.

33 thoughts on “Downtown Loft Doubles In Price, Harbors A Serious Handbag Habit”
  1. The Hermes bags/accessories are valued at about $400,000…The Large croc alone is about $75k.

      1. Doubt that the bags are fake. No need to showcase fake bags in home, and especially in seller’s marketing materials. The bags and the wine are geared towards a wealthy Chinese single female buyer. That is what they are into. If the target client was male, you would be looking at a display of expensive watches and all the latest Apple products.

        I know other high-profile women who own exclusive lines of Hermes products from bags and scarves to dinnerware (which I didn’t know Hermes had.)

  2. Jesus, that’s an impressive / intimidating collection of bags. Love the monkey paintings too. And the wine!

    1. @ Mr. McDuff: Right?! They’re all the same/similar styles and practically the same color. Boorrring . . .

  3. The bags are not fake, the owner is not Asian, and she doesn’t work at Hermes. She shops there. Also it was not staged.

    1. She is extra hot! Thanks for the reveal of a private home. Folks here can’t contemplate someone owning bags worth more than their entire net worth. $400K is what she spends on bags alone, no need to even ask how much she has in her bank account. I hope she isn’t moving to London or Paris.

      1. I’m glad it’s already in contract because with all this talk of 100Ks of portable contents, I’m sure the next open house would be pretty scary for the owner.

        [Editor’s Note: It’s not a coincidence we held our piece until the condo was in contract.]

        1. If she really spent $400K on handbags alone, having to replace a couple stolen ones from an open house is a nonissue.

          @Amewsed: It’s not that we can’t contemplate the cost of the bags . . . it’s the lack of taste/variety/style. But to each their own. Just not my “bag.”

          Oh. My liquid net worth is more than her bag collection, btw. Just sayin’ . . .

  4. Kind of makes for interesting wall decor, but a wine cellar, this is not. Depending upon the temp in the loft, one better drink a lot of wines regularly in order to move/rotate them all out before they go bad.

  5. Great one, soccermom.
    I’m still laughing.
    Can’t this woman buy more than one brand? How about a Bottega Veneta or two?

  6. One window, onto what’s basically an alley with a building directly across. The lack of natural light would be horribly depressing.

    And, while it made for good thread-fodder, the (egotistical) decision not to stage seems like a dumb move. I do like the monkey paintings though.

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