151 Alice B Toklas #807 Living

Listed for $1.399 million this past March, the two-level penthouse unit #807 atop The Marquee at 151 Alice B. Toklas Place (a.k.a. the former Cadillac building or AMC Van Ness) ended up selling for $1.25 million in June.  And in July, the condo briefly returned to the market listed for $1.249 million but was quickly withdrawn from the MLS.

Officially relisted for $1.299 million in August, the list price for the penthouse was reduced to $1.23 million last week and the 1,507 square foot unit with parking for two cars, a  wood burning fireplace in the bedroom, and a rather unique private outdoor patio remains active and available.

Listed for $995,000 in February of 2011, the penthouse sold for $800,000 that October having previously traded for $899,000 at the end of 2004.

11 thoughts on “Up Over 50 Percent Since 2011, Will A Marquee Flip Now Flop?”
  1. If that black furniture were 18th or 19th century, it would be called “ebonized” although it would have much more pizzazz. I will never understand why people want to life in barns, instead of rooms sized for human beings. Whatever happened to that notable invention “doors” ?

  2. I am grateful I can renovate an older home while keeping its traditional feel. This industrial style of home may be waning since new buyers don’t want their home space to look and feel like their tech work space.

    1. I’ll gladly take it. Those high ceilings are rad and you’re not going to get that in an older home at this price.

  3. This is an amazing unit. The only major problem is that the roof has a wall around it, so the bedroom, even though it’s a penthouse, has no view. The kitchen is a bit on the cheap side too. I thought about buying it, but wound up buying somewhere else.

    And I love the high ceilings in lofts. They feel perfectly human scale to me. This unit could use concrete floors so it felt less like a townhouse and more like an industrial building.

  4. I’ll take steel and concrete construction over low to midrise stick-built any day of the week. This building will last forever.

  5. No the big issue with this unit is the equipment on the roof (heaters?) that makes an incredibly loud humming sound, making the outdoor patio and the upstairs bedroom unusable. It is really really loud omni-present sound, which I would not be able to live with. Think white noise and then multiply it by 1000! Really sad because otherwise this would be a super cool space.

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