377 6th Street Site

Plans for a big 8‐story building to rise on the northeast corner of Sixth and Harrison, on the Eastern SoMa site of a long-shuttered service station across the street from The End Up, have been submitted to Planning for review.

As proposed, the development would include 116 residential units over 4,800 square feet of ground-floor commercial space along 6th Street and an 87-car garage.  The units would be a mix of studios, one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms, with an average size of just over 550 square feet apiece.

Twenty (20) of the units would be designated as below market rate and four two-bedroom lofts would line the northern edge of the development along the south side of Clara Street.

377 6th Street Site

16 thoughts on “Plans For Eight Stories Of Housing To End Up At 6th And Harrison”
  1. @ sixtypercenttogether – that was my initial thought too, but FWIW there are condos aplenty across from (much bigger, more B&T-drawing) 1015 and it’s still doing its thing.

  2. sorry for the same old tall spiel, but there is nothing in this wasteland. why not build taller for the future? And I dont mean 2020.

  3. Finally! This lot has sat vacant for years. Hard to believe the new owners won’t complain about The Endup. Fingers crossed they don’t damage that institution.

  4. I do not see any issue with having a Club across the street , that said the developer should build the beyond basic spec so that street noise is minimized

  5. To the moderator of Socketsite. I understand you may not agree with my comments. But your censoring my comments by removing them from public view only proves to me and others around the world that those that live in San Francisco are intolerant hypocrites when it comes to other points of view..
    Thanks again for proving to me and the world how intolerant ya’all are.

    [Editor’s Note: If you care to characterize our removal of an off-topic satirical comment about the Ellis Act as “censorship” versus moderation, so be it. Now back to the topic at hand…]

  6. I understand the need for moderation but while some of my comments are posted, similar ones get blocked and similar ones from other readers seem to get through too. It is starting to seem a little arbitrary or maybe you just don’t like me. I love the site but dislike the lack of clear guidelines. There is no doubt my comments are blatantly anti-rent control and anti-activist but I’m just a reader so who cares?

    [Editor’s Note: Our rather simple guideline which has been in place since 2006: “Add your comments to enhance, debate, or praise (we can dream, can’t we?) any of our posts. It’s completely up to you. All we ask is that you keep your comments on-topic; resist the temptation to flame, troll, and spam; and avoid personal attacks (opinions are fair game). In a nutshell, add value.”]

  7. I did some searching trying to find some drawings/plans for this development – found some info but no real drawings. Can someone point me in the right direction to find them if they are available? I live just down the street on Clara….


  8. Good! I used to live around the corner and have been wondering when they would put that parcel to good use. Hopefully, next up will be that rat’s nest at 5th and Shipley.

  9. It is funny, I have been posting for 7 years now and only had one post moderated. And even that one will prove to be prophetic (looking at you Adam!). All you have to do is add value.

    As for this place, I am amazed that it has sat empty this long. I am glad to see more housing here and am surprised that the car-first crowd is not complaining about the loss of yet another gas station.

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