525 Harrison Site

The environmental review for a proposed 16-story residential building to rise at 525 Harrison Street is underway and Hines has already filed the paperwork to get the permit ball rolling and allow for a quick start assuming the project is approved by San Francisco’s Planning Commission.

As proposed, the development of the current Factory Club and Auto Spa site on Rincon Hill would yield around 180 condos over 2,500 square feet of retail on the ground floor and parking for up to 160 cars below.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by anon

    Decent stuff. Should be much, much taller at this location, but still ok.

  2. Posted by curmudgeon

    Not that the building is anything to preserve, but it’s kinda sad that there are so few big night clubs left in town. The big Folsom weekend dance party is actually going to Treasure Island because there isn’t a single venue available in San Francisco proper.

    • Posted by Brad


    • Posted by James

      I still think Treasure Island should be redeveloped as an entertainment district, and renamed Pleasure Island (like in Pinocchio).

      • Posted by Peter

        I proposed that back in 1995 during a Treasure Island planning charrette and The Chronicle’s John King strung me up LOL.

    • Posted by matteo

      Let’s hope the Maritime Union across the street at 1st and Harrison will develop into a great venue for all kinds of events.

    • Posted by Michael

      There is still 1015 which is where Real Bad is being held. I always hated Sound Factor’s layout, but the city does need its venues.

    • Posted by Sam

      While it’s not really my thing, I can sympathize. I’ve been to DNA Lounge a few times, some other places. Unfortunately I foresee a day where the dive bars of San Francisco have been entirely removed, and the large clubs, all replaced with cocktail or wine bars. The Mission is testament to this, from once there were many many dive bars, now there are only a handful. So it goes.

      • Posted by MarketSt

        The fussy cocktail and wine bars of today will be the dive bars of tomorrow. It’s the cycle of life.

        • Posted by Sam

          I can’t at all imagine that will become true.

    • Posted by JMCSF

      I’m going to miss getting turnt up in there. Good times.

  3. Posted by Jill

    This is really short to be next to one rincon

  4. Posted by noemom

    I bet the people on floor 17 and 18 of the Rincon buildings are happy today.

  5. Posted by matteo

    not so sure they are that happy, most likely their view will be of air conditioners and filters and tanks at the roof of this new building.

  6. Posted by grrr

    One Rincon Hill is built on a hill well above this site. Residences start on the 8th floor. Due to the hill, and the roadways, One Rincon Hill is one of the few buildings that will not have obstructed views all around.

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