From going, going, to gone, the old Jack Tar Hotel on Cathedral Hill has been razed and it’s on to months of digging for the foundation and parking garage of CPMC’s Cathedral Hill Hospital to rise.

13 thoughts on “Going, Going, And…Gone On Cathedral Hill”
  1. Quick, now, somebody launch a ballot measure to restrict building on the site and foster an open space location!!!
    “This isn’t 8 Washington Smokey, there are rules.”

  2. That time lapse was instructive. It was interesting to see how cranes were used to support and move the safety curtains around.

  3. needs less parking
    let’s nudge doctors, nurses and especially patients (not to mention ambulance drivers) to use more public transit
    that’s what my generation is doing anyway

  4. Yes! Less Parking!!! Old folks coming in for severe rheumatoid arthritis treatments should bike their way to see their doctor!! 25 year olds can do it. Why can’t they do it to? They’re just selfish and entitled car people, stuck in their old ways.

  5. That’s right. My doctor is going to hop on Muni.
    Not a chance.
    Hospitals need lots of parking and they will build it that way.

  6. As a doctor, I can tell you that when I get called to come see a patient who is in the ER or who has taken a turn for the worse in the middle of the night, the first thing I look forward to is a multi-mile bike ride across town in the dark. And, of course, the time I save doing that (or waiting for an “owl service muni bus”) means a lot to the patient who needs me as well.

  7. that’s what my generation is doing anyway
    Well, expect increasing mortality rates as a result.

  8. Wow, the car-first parking brigade is out in full force.
    Can someone point out to me in this thread someone who SERIOUSLY suggested this project needs less parking?

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